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Default [RP - yes, another one!] Mutation: The X Factor - 06-11-2006, 07:20 PM

Ooc: Just come back from watching X-men 3 and it gave me an idea for yet another RP!)

This RP is set at the beginning of the era where the new species of human being, ie mutants, started to evolve. This is way before the X-men even existed; however, there are still factions of both humans and mutants even now.

If you're a human, you can be in one of 2 groups; the Friends Of Humanity (FOH) or Unity. The FOH are against mutants; they believe mutation is a disease that needs to be eradicated. They want all mutants either destroyed or caged. Unity wish for peace between mutants and humans.

If you're a mutant, you have just developed your power, at the age of 15 and have to face the prejudice and hatred directed at you from the FOH and others, who believe the propoganda that the FOH sends out. You may be idealistic and believe in what Unity preach... or bitter and out for revenge against all humans... or somewhere in the middle.

"You're not my daughter any more!" The hateful words still echoed round Anastasia Ashwin's head as she curled up in the alleyway, sobbing into her hands. She had black hair streaked with red which fell over her face, obscuring it. She appeared to be wearing a leather cloak.

"Are you alright?" Anastasia looked up, seeing a man looking at her in a concerned way... which immediately changed to shock and horror at the sight of her. Anastasia's face was normal, but for her eyes which had red irises and slit pupils like those of a cat. "You're a mutant!"

Driven by the misery caused by having to leave the place she'd called home, Anastasia stood up. What had looked like a leather cloak spread out, revealing it to be in fact leathery wings like those of the mythical dragon. Crimson fire crackled around her hands as her eyes glowed. The man gasped with terror and ran. Her anger spent, Anastasia sat back down again, wrapping her wings around her.

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