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This may or may not count as a blooper. In Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, after Quirrel yells "Troll in the castle!" and faints, all the kids panic and run away. Quirrel moves a bit as some of the kids pass him. Considering that the character had only been pretending to faint anyway, this might not be much of a blooper.
In one of the Batman movies (forget which one) Alfred gets knocked out by the Riddler (I think) and moves a tray out of the walkway- while he's supposed to be knocked out.
Disney bloopers!
Lots of recent Disney films have characters from other films making cameo roles. Look for:
Scar in Hercules
Mrs. Potts and Chip in Tarzan
Belle in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Beast in Aladdin
Mickey and Donald in The Little Mermaid
Mulan: In the "Reflection" number, Mulan wipes her make-up off on her sleeves. But later, there are no stains on her dress.
The Rescuers: In one frame (you will need a DVD to catch it) during the scene where Bianca and Bernard are flying on the albatross, there's a naked woman in one of the windows in the background.
The Little Mermaid: In some scenes, Ariel has blue eyes. In others, they're green.
Oh, and the "All good kids take off your clothes." line from Aladdin is just a rumor. What he's really saying is "Good kitty, take off now."

(Weird coincidence, as soon as I logged in to the Doll Palace "Lovely Ladies" started playing on LAUNCHcast. Second time today a weird coincidence like that happened!)
Here's another blooper I noticed in Cat in the Hat. (You may need to pause it to catch it.) When the kids are signing the contract, they see a document that the Cat is embarrassed about. It says "Spayed & Neutered". That should be "Spayed Or Neutered" since an animal can only be one or the other. Females are spayed. Males are neutered. It specifies on the document that Cat is male. It also says he's 5'8'', though later he describes himself as being 6'. (Maybe Cat was rounding up.) It also says his birthday is May 25, 1963. Was this when the book was originally published, perhaps?

I remember another one I saw in It Takes Two. (A movie the Olsen twins made when they were only vaguely annoying.) When the Steve Guttenburg character is out riding his horse, he get smacked on the left side of his forehead with a tree branch. But later, he has the wound on the right side of his forehead.

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