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Default {RP} The Crystal Has Shattered Part 2 - 06-21-2005, 05:51 PM

Ooc: Yep it's back. New plot. I hope Tenai doesn't yell, ^.^' Heheh, well, this is set 17 years into the future, meaning the reborn Nilly should be about 16 now. I won't be here after 7:00 tomorrow, so the reincarnated Nilly won't be found right away... Well, here's the setting at least.

The world is a peaceful place once more, and the world is once again whole now that Yin and Yang work in peace. The queen awoke at some point and continued to govern her kingdom, and the new Dark King governed his well. But this takes place in another part of the world, in a more industrial city of machines and electronics. Music is currently THE best fad, but it's fading; one band is keeping the music alive at the moment. Rumor has it that the lead singer, a young girl named Nala Hikonto, is Niltiac Tsegrah reincarnated, but it's never been proven. She's quite an average punk-minded girl, and she's usually seen wearing her trademark black-red-and-white wristband with a white Faded Glory hat. The band's name was called Portrait of Emotions, and they were THE best. The members-Yuna, Rikku, Paine, and of course Nala-all came from different backgrounds:

Yuna was once a summoner, but when the Eternal Calm came about thanks to her, she chose to be a singer. (Ooc: I know that's not the real story.)

Rikku was a hyper girl, always full of mischief and laughter. She came from an Al Bhed family line, but got along well with everyone since she was usually a translator.

Paine's origins are unknown, but she is a quiet, generally few-worded person, but when she sings, she sings out louder than her friends.

Nala's origins are also unknown, but she came from the city where she currently lives. She has a cheery disposition, and has a slight short-term memory, but she can remember a lot of things like how the special effects machines work, what 2+2 equals, is a genius at literature and mathematics, and she seems to have had some sort of experience with working well with others.

The setting is a concert hall, where the four previously mentioned are setting everything up for their first concert in four months.

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