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  Holiday Dolls? (Doll Article)
(November 14, 2006 by pink_diamonds1 Send DollMail )

Gossip about new doll-maker(s). Is it true?

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Thanksgiving Dolls
(November 14, 2006 by x__SiinY0riiTa Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

I think Jessica should make Thanksgiving Dolls for people who arn't Premium,because it's not fair if only the people who are Premium can use the Thanksgiving Dolls and the people who arn't Premium can't.So,Jessica,can you make Thanksgiving Dolls for the people who arn't Premium? It would be really cool if you did. =]
RE: Christmas dolls
(November 13, 2006 by lissymarie Send DollMail Visit Website )

Don't worry, Jessica usually posts dolls from an upcoming dollmaker. ^.^ A Christmas one is probably coming...
Mermaid Magic
(November 13, 2006 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

Mermaid Magic is held at Dollz and Stories written by Fusion_Angel, the author of The Maid That Sold Her Barley and Enchanted series. Tara wanted to be a professional swimmer but with one problem--she can't see and breathe underwater! She griefs until a cute guy named Nathaniel came along, who is a real merman! Tara follows Nathaniel in which she turns into a mermaid. What will happen? If any questions, Dollmail Fusion_Angel
Thanksgiving doll maker
(November 12, 2006 by j7113 Send DollMail )

i love the new dollmaker it is awesome. Its fun to create dolls for the holidays. There are many new items to use with any doll maker. Thanks Jessica!!!!!!

~ Jenna
The Maid That Sold Her Barley
(November 11, 2006 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

The Maid That Sold Her Barley is held at Dollz and Stories written by Fusion_Angel, the author of Enchanted series. It takes place on Ireland when a girl named Sheena is traveling on foot and then works at the barley field. She then fell in love but there is a jealous man who plans to marry her by kidnapping her! What will happen! Note; the story is based on the song "The Maid That Sold Her Barley" by Deanta.
  Help - Pirate Dolls (Doll Article)
(November 11, 2006 by SILLYx_LoveSongs Send DollMail )

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Thanksgiving Friends page Area- come see what i've done this time
(November 11, 2006 by xenaschakram Send DollMail )

Well halloweens over and I got a lot of great reviews about my halloween page in the my friends area, and I'm thinking well i'm going to do a theme page everytime since i'm just eklectic like my music so will my friends page-check it out
Wanna read it?!
(November 10, 2006 by arabamericansweetie Send DollMail )

I wrote a series called My Adventure. The dolls name is Aliyya and I really hope you read it because it is the best romance story on TDP. I promise.
  when is the new comp??? (Doll Article)
(November 10, 2006 by afrodhite Send DollMail )

please tell us when the new comp ois because we have been waiting for ages now please...

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  How to take screenshots.. (Doll Article)
(November 06, 2006 by X_RosexPetal_X Send DollMail )

I will tell you a step by step process for taking screenshots on your computer.

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Gothic Doll maker?
(November 04, 2006 by punk_inside_silent_freak Send DollMail )

Hey, just wondering when the Goth doll maker will be available for everyone. I've seen some of the dolls premium people have made and they look great!!! Sorry if I'm being impaitient, but they look so good!!!
  Thanks! (Doll Article)
(November 04, 2006 by RoseWaterlily Send DollMail )

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Congrats!! ^_^
(November 03, 2006 by Original_screen_name Send DollMail )

Hey there, Orii here. I just wanted to say to the people who won the pumpkin carving contest, Congratulations. I've never been much of a pumpkin carver (mostly because I'm just the kind of person who'd just end up hurting myself.....) and I've got to say I was so impressed by everyone's entries, on this contest and the last one, TDP is a really amazing creative enviornment. You guys are totally awesomeful.
Avatars - how to get them for messages
(November 02, 2006 by Dragon_lover1231 Send DollMail )

click on any members NAME
you will be brought to their profile
click the tab labeled PROFILE
under that tab you will see NEW and under that you will see "create profile" and "add picture"
click "add picture" and chose the picture you want
there your done
Request dolls
(November 01, 2006 by xJESSiCA Send DollMail Visit Website )

I am now taking doll requests. You may notice it takes FOREVER for TDP's custom dolls to get to you. Maybe you don't even get them at all! Well, I am here to fix that problem. I am now taking requests for animated and glittering dolls. I have a clique called request_dolls, and a thread on the requests forum called "Premium Member Taking Requests". I know the secrets to almost every premium advantage and can make you the best doll(s) to fit your needs. No dollmails, please. I will NOT be able to respond to them AT ALL. :)
  What is Halloween? (Doll Article)
(October 31, 2006 by xJESSiCA Send DollMail Visit Website )

Okay, so to us, Halloween is a time to get free candy and stay out late. But what was it to the originators?

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  The Real Deal (Doll Article)
(October 31, 2006 by dollfanatic_cuteegurl Send DollMail )

There's some things you just don't know about the tradition of Trick-or-Tretaing. If you'd like to know; read on.

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  genie no genie? (Doll Article)
(October 25, 2006 by afrodhite Send DollMail )

people are asking about this so called genie maker? well here is the answer

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  Stereotyping (Doll Article)
(October 22, 2006 by P0rnstarEdz Send DollMail AIM YIM )

We all do it. Admit it.

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