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Please Open Soon
(December 17, 2006 by emily_lou Send DollMail )

Hey...Jessica you said that the Christmas Dollmaker would be open to all members...only the easy one is!!! Please open the real dollmaker....I'm dieing to play it!

what to wear on special events
(December 10, 2006 by beutayice45 Send DollMail )

all you hafe to do is find the touch of colors of that event pick it out match your hair with it bam ur hott. well its not complicated. i think we should make special event dolls for events that happen in the doll palace home.we should all have fun doing it to gether .like christmas i would wear green red or white simply do your hair hot and your a hottie.
Christmas page up in doll palce friends area
(December 07, 2006 by xenaschakram Send DollMail )

Hey gang I finally got up my x-mas page in the doll palace friends area- check it out you wont be disappointed- merry holiday greetings everyone
A ode to nutcracker
(December 06, 2006 by Maddie705 Send DollMail )

I am in a Nutcracker play December 6 and i think if we had nutcraker dolls that are
premade or in doll maker it would be even more joyful for me and nutcracker fans!

This is at my school not broadway or that
Princess Dolls
(December 04, 2006 by Knewgirl Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

Are the Princess dolls going to be realased??? and if they are when i love things like that so please please bring them out soon???
  New Years Party Outfit Shopping/Makeup (Doll Article)
(December 03, 2006 by coolchic16 Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

You better start shopping for a new year's party outfit and makeup now before all of the good stuff is gone!!!

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December chills
(December 02, 2006 by KJ10 Send DollMail )

What should we do to improve the doll palce makers?

Hello! This is my first article! Anyway, I was thinking about gothic doll makers. Maybe, you could do a London punk doll maker? To improve, I think it's a great idea. Prep punk maker? You decide!
  Christmas Shopping- What to Get, How to Survive (Doll Article)
(December 01, 2006 by pink_diamonds1 Send DollMail )

The madness has returned. Can you get through it?

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(November 28, 2006 by LameBrain Send DollMail )

I didn't know how else to contact you...

I won 2nd place in that story contest, but haven't recieved my other prizes. That sounds bad, but I didnt know how else to ask when (if?) I would get them.
Myspace group anyone?
(November 27, 2006 by BrendaxHatesxYou__xD Send DollMail Visit Website )

Since, everyone on DP basically has a myspace, I thought I should make a group about it.

Join, Invite people, And etcerta etcerta etcerta.


PS. Jessica, can we put a link for it on the homepage? ;] =]
(November 27, 2006 by afrodhite Send DollMail Visit Website )

My school is doing the nutcracker for are x-mas play on the 14th of december and was wondering if we could have glitter premade nutcracker dolls or something like that so we could use it for are display, please make some please please

yours truley paigexxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s please make them quite big
  Situation: Where Did My Friend Go? (Doll Article)
(November 26, 2006 by idontcarewhattheythink Send DollMail Visit Website )

Did you just have a huge (HUUUUGGGEEE) row with your friend on the weekend???
Well... this can have effect on what to wear on.. Monday. :D

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  80's Style (Doll Article)
(November 26, 2006 by emily132 Send DollMail Visit Website )

just take a look at this!

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Christmas dolls
(November 25, 2006 by Veseys Send DollMail Visit Website )

i think jessica shiuld make a dollmaker out of the new christmas dolls, i would be so neat if she did. i would like that. please make a new dollmaker with the new christmas dolls
  What to wear on Thanksgiving (Doll Article)
(November 23, 2006 by arabamericansweetie Send DollMail )

You want to be comfortable, look good, and appeal to the family.

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Merry Christmas
(November 22, 2006 by pink_diamonds1 Send DollMail )

I just want to wish everyone Merry Christmas... Well, if you don't celebrate it, Happy Holidays... =) Isn't the season lovely? I think it is! Lovely new doll-makers, gifts, and just happiness everywhere! Lovely! =D
Thanksgiving Question For All
(November 22, 2006 by ladyguardian Send DollMail Visit Website )

I have a big Thanksgiveing question for everyone. Please come and read Betty's -A Thanksgiving Question in the doll stories and give me an answer. Look up ladyguardian if you want an easier way of finding the question.
thanksgiving dolls??
(November 21, 2006 by I_Am_A_Freak Send DollMail )

hey Jessica.
could you makie the dolls availible to non-premium members before thanksgiving?because if we get them afterwards then theres no point for us to use offense.because if i wasgoing t omake a thankgiving doll then i'd wnt to make it before thanksgiving.
Elves and Pixies
(November 20, 2006 by bmgirl13 Send DollMail )

Hi. I was wondering if you could Jessica, make a elves or pixie maker or even both! I just love new makers and they keep getting better! I love the doll palace and whatever you could do to make it better would be great!:)
(November 15, 2006 by chewybagel Send DollMail )

Crossbones is a story at Dollz and Stories written by chewybagel, the author of the top-rated "Descending" series. Morgan, the daughter of a sailor, finds a mysterious map in the ship her father just bought. She finds it supposedly leads to the Chest of Bones, a rare and magical artifact. But when her father finds the map, his greed sets them on a perilous journey to Skull Island for the Chest. Morgan and her mermaid friend must stop her power hungry father before they all discover the truth about Skull Island...

Questions? DollMail me! Please read and rate high-- thanks!
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