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  Stereotypes- What's the big deal? (Doll Article)
(January 12, 2007 by coolchic16 Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Discussing stereotypes and my opinion on why they came to be.

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  Basic Fashion Tips (Doll Article)
(January 11, 2007 by coolchic16 Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

These fashion tips are for the fashion impared. At least read this through to find out if you know what and what not to wear.

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  Dolls for rent (Doll Article)
(January 11, 2007 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

need a doll? come check mine out they are for any one to sue who wants you all ahve my permision to use teh dolls in my new doll maker dolls for rent hence the name.

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  Elementry Ways and Others (Doll Article)
(January 07, 2007 by CutieAngel_ForLife Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Dear DollPalace Members,

Elementry Ways is a series written by CutieAngel_ForLife. It is about how a girl faces challenges about choosing a boy. Find out her struggles when you read it. Other series written by CutieAngel_ForLife are also The Power (about a girl who has the power to control time), Change (about a shy girl who finds a great friend who changes her life), The Series of Unbelieveable Events (a series of unbelieveable events each of whom star a different girl and a different situation). Besides writing those series she has also started to write series that called Disease (about a girl whoses dream is for her brother to come back from running away). Some one part stories are The Bouquet and Cinderella *The Truth Story*.

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Happy New Year!
(December 31, 2006 by SILLYx_LoveSongs Send DollMail )

Just wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!!
  Cirque De Freak (Doll Article)
(December 31, 2006 by QueenOfHearts Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

For anyone who likes twisted and gruesome things..............

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  Enchanted (series) (Doll Article)
(December 31, 2006 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

Enchanted series is held at Dollz and Stories, written by Fusion_Angel, author of Mermaid Magic, The Maid That Sold Her Barley, Thanksgiving Flowers and Romance, Christmas Love.

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  Teens Against Animal Abuse (Doll Article)
(December 31, 2006 by xJESSiCA Send DollMail Visit Website )

As winter carries on, don't let the poor, stray animals just die in the cold. Read the article to find out more about how you can join others to help stop animal abuse.

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  We want new series of Dollz! (Doll Article)
(December 31, 2006 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

What kind of series of Dollz do you want?
Read this article and contact me at Dollmail!

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  Nightmare on Elm street roleplaying (Doll Article)
(December 29, 2006 by RRooxxyy987 Send DollMail )

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  What to wear at a New Years Bash. (Doll Article)
(December 29, 2006 by cali_gal Send DollMail )

Don't even think of trying on a top that you wore last year! Use something different. Something original yet unique, need some tips?

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  Fashion predictions for the New Year (Doll Article)
(December 29, 2006 by coolchic16 Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Help me predict the fads and fashion for the year 2007!

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New doll makers
(December 25, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

Thank you so much jess for teh new princess doll amker its amazing and sinceverything is compatible with the chrismas dolls htas even better!!!! both of teh doll makers ahve soo many awesome props. they are both so big combined they would be the bigest doll maker ever!!!! thank you so much jessica this is teh best xmas gift any doller could ask for!
  Christmas Love (Doll Article)
(December 25, 2006 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

How does it feel to fell in love on the night of Christmas? All of us in Doll Palace believe in love of Christmas. In fact, I wrote a romance Christmas story in which you are be wondering...

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  Christmas What to Wear (Doll Article)
(December 25, 2006 by blubbernugget11 Send DollMail )

Ever have trouble choosing what to wear on Christmas when all the family comes over? Well here are a few tips.

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  Clicky Click Click (Doll Article)
(December 24, 2006 by sloth101136 Send DollMail )

Are you tired of bein in a certain click on TDP?

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  Last Minute Holiday Shopping (Doll Article)
(December 24, 2006 by dollfanatic_cuteegurl Send DollMail )

Having a problem finding the perfect gift in time for Christmas?

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  Ideas for '07. (Doll Article)
(December 20, 2006 by XxXxMADIxXxX Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

I have some ideas for some updates of 2007. [[Mainly About Doll Makers]]

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  Princess Bride Maker (Doll Article)
(December 19, 2006 by punkangelrulesu4now Send DollMail )

My opinion about the new Princess Bride dolls.

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Another Contest?
(December 19, 2006 by Original_screen_name Send DollMail )

Just a quick question, I know these things take considerable amounts of time, energy and thought but I was wondering when the next contest is going to be. Soon, though, right? ^_^
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