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Spanish dolls?
(March 06, 2007 by BrendaxHatesxYou__xD Send DollMail Visit Website )

I've been a member for TDP for about four or so years, [on different accounts and whatnot] anyways, the one thing I haven't really seen are spanish or dark skinned dolls.
Pixe doll maker
(March 06, 2007 by Knewgirl Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

what ever happened to the pixie doll maker jessica was making and i am wondering if it is still going to come out????
  Keane Fan Fic in "Dollz And Stories" section! Plus - Contest! (Doll Article)
(March 05, 2007 by Keanelover12893 Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

YOU! Yes, you can have a character in another installment of the series!!

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  Truth About Fashion (Doll Article)
(March 04, 2007 by Leysh Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

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Join my new clique!
(March 02, 2007 by Angel7733 Send DollMail Visit Website )

i have a new clique, nd it's called Uniquettes so plz plz plz join! i dont know, lyke, ne1 on this site, so itd be heaps great to meet new ppl,
  Enter my (Doll Article)
(March 01, 2007 by sweet_gal21 Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Read for a new contest by sweet_gal21

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  A New Story (Doll Article)
(March 01, 2007 by Graciegoo Send DollMail Visit Website )

I really hope you enjoy!!!

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  Cheerleading Try-out Tips (Doll Article)
(February 27, 2007 by Sparkling_laughter_2010 Send DollMail Visit Website )

Cheerleading try-outs are coming up soon. For people who've never tried out for anything(and even those that have!), this may be scary.

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Girlie Glam- Where Girls show who they are
(February 25, 2007 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

Girlie Glam is a clique for girls who are different. They're unique. Our members dollmail us and tell us what they love to do. This is an open clique, and anyone can join. Our main point is just to have fun. We need more people so that we can have contests and have discussions in the talk section.
Thank you,
  cheerleading tryouts!!!!! (Doll Article)
(February 24, 2007 by babydoll158 Send DollMail Visit Website )

you wanna try out for cheerleading but only if you live near where i am which is in washington, olympia.

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  Attention All Chick-Pick Lovers! (Doll Article)
(February 22, 2007 by idontcarewhattheythink Send DollMail Visit Website )

I, CheyZan, have something to say. If you loooove stories that have to do with, you know, "girl stuff" (as in boys, clothes, friends, knowledge and boys) and the way we think (and a sarcastic opinion on real girl life) you'll crazy love my new story.

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Reader Request
(February 20, 2007 by SilverLily22 Send DollMail )

Hey! Just wanted to write a quick note to everyone on here asking you to please read my story Sapphires and Silver. The first chapter is up in three parts and the second chapter--currently incomplete--has been posted in two parts so far. I'm doing this just because I don't want to dollmail everyone who commented. It takes way too long.

Anywho, please read my story. :-)

  The way girls and boys are (Doll Article)
(February 19, 2007 by nikki1281 Send DollMail )

Some activities and jobs are gender stereotyped. Why is this? Following on from ~SilverLilly22's article on the differences between girls and boys.

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  Great Clubs/Cliques (Doll Article)
(February 18, 2007 by xJESSiCA Send DollMail Visit Website )

Read the article on some great clubs and cliques here on TDP!!!

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  Makeup 101 (Doll Article)
(February 18, 2007 by Hollimer Send DollMail Visit Website )

Having some trouble with makeup? Read this for ideas and cool tips.

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  Single For Life, NO WAY! (Doll Article)
(February 15, 2007 by sambff Send DollMail )

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  The Difference Between Girls and Boys (Doll Article)
(February 15, 2007 by SilverLily22 Send DollMail )

There is a difference and it's a big one. I don't claim to understand guys but I've spent enough time around them--classmates and two little brothers--that I think I can safely comment about the differences without making a fool of myself.

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  A Real Opinion on Eating Disorders (Doll Article)
(February 11, 2007 by veryconfused1994 Send DollMail AIM YIM )

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  which style of clothing best fits your personality?having a fashion crisis (Doll Article)
(February 11, 2007 by babydoll158 Send DollMail Visit Website )

are you having a fashion crisis? well if you are then just read this areticle and youll find out which style clothing best fits your personality! ive listed alomost all types of personalities so when you find youres then just move over and find which type best fits youres there may be more than one so choose carefully you have to know your self real well inorder to do this!

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  How to conjure up an Original outfit (Doll Article)
(February 10, 2007 by coolchic16 Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Ever wondered how to get a completely original outfit?

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