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The Glamorous Life
(March 31, 2007 by Sparklie_Garlick Send DollMail )

Is your life simple? That's how fifteen year old Scarlett's was when she lived with her artist mother five days of the week, and her buisnessman dad on the others. But all that changes when she decides to enter her true-life story in a magazine--of her parents' divorce--and soon Scarlett is spinning into a world of chaos and lies as her story unwravels and the truth is hidden.
So, sound good? You can read Sparklie_Garlick's stories in the Dollz and Stories section!
  What do you take granted of? (Doll Article)
(March 31, 2007 by Rhiannon100 Send DollMail )

Most of us have woderful stuff we treasure (mobiles, video games, ect) and never think about the people who don't have these things.

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  Romantic Poems (Doll Article)
(March 30, 2007 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

Let me ask you something--when it comes to poetry, you find it scary, dramatic, or even the popular part, romantic. But what happens if you mix in between romance and other things you want to do? Read this and I'll tell you.

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  Amazing Things in Dollz and Stories {1} (Doll Article)
(March 30, 2007 by jokatjokat Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Every week or so I'll be writing up an article about the people and stories that I'm currently in love with. So check it out!

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  Over Protective Parents (Doll Article)
(March 23, 2007 by Singergirl509 Send DollMail )

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  popular stories (Doll Article)
(March 22, 2007 by Rhiannon100 Send DollMail )

I want to tell you about something i am fond of. please read on.

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  getting trashed talked?? (Doll Article)
(March 21, 2007 by babydoll158 Send DollMail Visit Website )

are you getting trash talked or yelled at to get out of the avatar chat by people you dot even know or was getting to know then read this!!!

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  Posers??? (Doll Article)
(March 20, 2007 by bestchick1 Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

SO everyone knows people on avatar chat says, "On my sis's account" or are they really? I have spent time on avatar chat researching it. Please read on to the article for more information.

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  St. Patrick's Day Stories (Doll Article)
(March 17, 2007 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

Are you ready for St. Patrick's day? Well, I am!
I published a St. Patrick's special while I was working on my series Fusion Angel...

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The new chat room better..
(March 17, 2007 by babydoll158 Send DollMail Visit Website )

the new chat room for thedollpalace is amazing well thats just my opinion so you might like it too! the new doll chat is really cool but is it as good as the old one it has a lot of new things. like small videos and new people to talk to and it runs even faster!!! so if you have anything to say about this doll mail me or rite down there
  Disney introduces its first black princess (Doll Article)
(March 15, 2007 by support Send DollMail )

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  In the middle of nowhere, never alone. (All new story) (Doll Article)
(March 15, 2007 by Bluelittlesweetygirl Send DollMail )

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  New Doll Makers (Doll Article)
(March 14, 2007 by SILLYx_LoveSongs Send DollMail )

Just some suggestions.

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  Your St. Patrick's Day (Doll Article)
(March 11, 2007 by ilovemycoke Send DollMail )

What are you doing this St. Patrick's Day? or are you even doing anything?

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  TDP and its founder (Doll Article)
(March 11, 2007 by ilovemycoke Send DollMail )

An amazing person!

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  getting all dolled up! (Doll Article)
(March 11, 2007 by babydoll158 Send DollMail Visit Website )

hey yall its me babydolll158 if your wondering what this is all about well read my article and find out!

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  Go Orange! (Doll Article)
(March 10, 2007 by Keanelover12893 Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

Are YOU going orange for animals on ASPCA Day?

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  That Was A 100 Years Ago!! (Doll Article)
(March 10, 2007 by snowbrat74 Send DollMail )

A new story written by Snowbrat74.

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  Newest Club to Join (Doll Article)
(March 09, 2007 by xenaschakram Send DollMail )

for those who like myself think diffrently about dolls

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  Fusion Angel (A New Must-Read Story)! (Doll Article)
(March 07, 2007 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

Let me tell you something. What happens if you thought that you have a normal life but then found out that you are a reincarnation of a famous heroine or actress? Well, I thought I should write a series that let you think about this...

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