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  Why hate Sanjaya? (Doll Article)
(June 20, 2007 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

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  Hair Care For Summer (Doll Article)
(June 17, 2007 by SourLemons_____x Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Everyone is booming about how to wear, treat, and use their hair during these hot and humid summer months. These tips will help you a lot and give you some inspiration on new ways to wear your hair and keep it un-damaged.

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  Summer Romance (Doll Article)
(June 10, 2007 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

Summer is almost here! I believe you have something planned for summer...

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Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom comes to Japan!
(June 10, 2007 by babytink199 Send DollMail )

Johnny Depp comes to Japan, and interviews with an electone group. They act like pros, but their ages are: 4,6,8,8. They get Johnny's full attention, followed by laughter. The girls play the Pirates of The Caribbean theme song, and they dance, with also some other things.

Orlando Bloom will also interview with them, after Johnny.
Find your passion this summer
(May 10, 2007 by cammillerox Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Ah, Summer,sweet sweet Summer. Ice Pops, inflatable pools, sprinklers, fire flies and endless fun. Thats what comes to mind for me, along with not having to wake up at 6am to catch the bus. But until last summer I never knew there could be something more. My dad, forever busy with work or fitness or something else not having to do with spending time with our family was never really around. And my mom, tierd of taking care of 2 kids was worn down. So my summer consisted of baysitting, watching TV, and going online at 2 am. Not eventful. But later in the summer, I went down to Florida to visit my aunt and relized that I could be truly, and wholly happy with or without something going on or being with my favorite people. I realized the sheer joy of an antique shop, or how fun it was to make simple paperdolls. My creativity was in bloom and I had dicovered my passion. Writing. I had always liked it because I felt like, if worded correctly I'd always have a voice. I wrote for TDP pre-passion, because I was upset about things and wanting to get people to listen and help those who agree, speak up. I love how I can talk to anyone. But what I realized then, even though i didn't write anything in Florida my mind was constantly on the subject of what i'd be writing once I got home. And I leaned how trial and error someones true passion is. I found out tons of things I enjoy like track and fashion but ultimatly writing is tippy top. So now let's take the I out and replace it with You. So this summer I urge you to experience the joy of finding what you truly love. It is not a one day or overnight thing or even a decision. But try everything, from the jewlery class you think you'll love to the canoe work shop you are determined to hate. Bottom line: Be open minded.
Love, Cam
So ya wanna go edgy for spring
(May 10, 2007 by cammillerox Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

This season, fashion is making waves. For the first time ever skulls are the floral and stud belts are replacing ribbon belts. I sat down with local shop owner Sarah Rebben to find out her opinion on the next big thing." It's huge!" She says," Celebs are wildly into it!" No joke, Paris Lindsay and even Nancy Drew star Emma Roberts had a pink Crossbone confection at her sweet sixteen. Not to mention that the magazines are now doing more punky spreads. "The only thing to look out for is don't be overkill." I.E., Dying your hair black and swaping polos for Vans is not cool. "Touches are what make the whole edge thing work." But how much is the hot thing? And how can I be sure i'll like it?
Start with someting you take with you everywhere like a bag or cellphone holder. And dont spend too much. If after a wek it ends up in the dumpster , you don't wanna be bankrupt. (Pacsun has some adorable canvas totes!)

So you like the bag and want to be more daring. Buy a pair of sunglasses or a belt. Still not a huge investment.(try Claire's or Forever 21).

You've gone head over heels for it! Great! Still don't break the bank on punk things. If you wanna go all out get a tee, a bag, sunglasses, a few belts, and a lot of jewlery!

But if your absolutley positive that the dark side of fashion is NOT for you, the nautical trend is another super cute look for spring. But as with anything trendy, dont spend too much. A few saiboat tees and anchor earings are all you need!

Love, Cam
Paris Hilton in Jail
(May 05, 2007 by support Send DollMail )

A judge sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in county jail Friday for violating her probation, putting the brakes on the hotel heiress's famous high life.

Do you think everything will be OK with Paris?
  Phil Stacey <333 (Doll Article)
(May 03, 2007 by SourLemons_____x Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

read this is u love phil stacey [ as a singer ]

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Dolls create a bad body image
(May 03, 2007 by sevs_lover17 Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

I'm really annoyed with some of the dolls on this site because they are very inacurate to what the real female body is supposed to be like. When girls see these dolls, they will create a bad body image for themselves, like they have to look like them. Anyway, other than that, I'm fine with everything else.
  Penyie's Style No-Nos (Doll Article)
(April 29, 2007 by Sparklie_Garlick Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

What are the biggest fashion faux-pas? What would you rather die than wear this summer? What should you avoid all year 'round? Read on to find out what works, and what doesn't. By Penyie, Fashion Plate and Runway Godess

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  Penyie's Summer Style Tips! (Doll Article)
(April 24, 2007 by Sparklie_Garlick Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

So, this summer will totally be an era of high fashion. I am guessing that we may see the return of mod chic with a dash of tropical couture. I'm Penyie, fashion plate and Godess of the runway. Read on if you want to look cool and sophisticated this summer...

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  Show, Don't Tell (Doll Article)
(April 24, 2007 by SilverLily22 Send DollMail )

On writing and how to follow that timeless rule--Show, don't tell.

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  new club (Doll Article)
(April 21, 2007 by Angel7733 Send DollMail Visit Website )

prestige: the most prestigious club out there; you know you want to be in it.

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  ShUni Version 3? (Doll Article)
(April 19, 2007 by bubbafat Send DollMail Visit Website )

Should there be a ShUni version three?
I recently bought ShUni V2 For 300 DP, should there be more?

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  Pixies??? (Doll Article)
(April 18, 2007 by LoveAnswer Send DollMail Visit Website )

I think we should have a pixies maker!

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  Question About Bases (Doll Article)
(April 18, 2007 by danitalbot Send DollMail )

I have a simple question about the doll bases on TDP...

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MusicToTheMax--The clique that really rocks!
(April 18, 2007 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

I'm Catlover02 and I own the clique Music To The Max. Our clique is a place for girl to hang out and talk about the latest singers, bands, and music. We have lots of fun sutff. Even though we have a good clique, we need more members and some help. We need people to help us organize.
If you believe in the freedom of music, join MusictoTheMax!
  What's your annoying Habit? (Doll Article)
(April 11, 2007 by Rhiannon100 Send DollMail )

Some people have really gross habits. i have 3 habits - chewing chewing-gum all the time, cracking my knuckles and painting my nails black.

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  Clubs n' Cliques (Doll Article)
(April 11, 2007 by idontcarewhattheythink Send DollMail Visit Website )

To delete or not?

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  Video game dolls (Doll Article)
(April 05, 2007 by gamerbe1517 Send DollMail )

I'm a female gamer and I think it would be cool to have some video game character dolls.

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