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  OMG!! - Zac dumped vanessa (Doll Article)
(July 29, 2007 by melissa33156 Send DollMail )

zac dumped vanessa

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  Why we love High School Musical (Doll Article)
(July 27, 2007 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

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Summer Fashion Show
(July 26, 2007 by cori201 Send DollMail Visit Website )

Summer Fashion Show is coming up on August 12 STARTS @ 6:00 p.m.! Make sure you get ready!
Naruto/anime maker?
(July 23, 2007 by lissymarie Send DollMail Visit Website )

would it be breaking copyright laws to have a dollmaker with all dif. anime characters? i know there are some anime characters in other dollmakers (a whole bunch of sailor moon,) but wouldn't it be cool to have a dollmaker with all sorts of anime? anyway, that's my idea. like it?
  Who do you think is the best author on the DP? (Doll Article)
(July 23, 2007 by sweet_blonde2020 Send DollMail Visit Website )

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  motivation!! (Doll Article)
(July 19, 2007 by babydoll158 Send DollMail Visit Website )

all this make-up and lipstick!!! i don't know what to do with it all except wear it!!! lol, get motivated and get started on something new!!!

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  Need a good book? (Doll Article)
(July 19, 2007 by catfanatic80 Send DollMail )

Do u need a book for the summer? There are tons out there u just have to find them!

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(July 13, 2007 by talia_jade Send DollMail )

Just because she didn't like it in there, all she had to do was make a song and dance about it (throw a tanty) and they let her out. She went in there because she did the wrong thing! How hard is that for people to understand?

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  The problem with Stereotypes (Doll Article)
(July 13, 2007 by cheshirecat2 Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Why calling people certain things can mess up the way they see themsleves positivley.

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   (Doll Article)
(July 13, 2007 by DaNi_AwEsOmEsT_93 Send DollMail )

A New Club with Everything

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  Doll Body Image (Doll Article)
(July 07, 2007 by yoshie Send DollMail )

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  awsome ANIME! magnificent MANGA! (Doll Article)
(July 06, 2007 by purple_girl_rules Send DollMail )

random comments on the new anime/manga dolls.

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  No one is made skinny (Doll Article)
(July 05, 2007 by abdullahashia Send DollMail )

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  Summer Trends (Doll Article)
(June 26, 2007 by coolchic16 Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

So, It's summertime and you're looking to buy some summer clothes. What to buy, What NOT to buy. Here are some trends in summer clothing I've been seeing that are really popular and stuff that is WAY out.

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CLICK HERE to find MORE codes and graphics for your profile.
(June 25, 2007 by Ice_Lolly Send DollMail Visit Website )

I have a new site with a bunch of codes you can add to your profiles. I even have a few glitter graphics you can add and some avatars too. Some of the codes on my site include:

1. Flashing scrollbar
2. A star page transition
3. Add a background to your whole entire pro.
4.Comment Box background code
5. Big text that scrolls across the top of your page and more!

*If any website owners would like to be advertised on my site, send me a comment on my pro and send me a button to add. No need to be sisters or affies. Just send it!*

Thank you all in advance!
  Why hate Sanjaya? part II (Doll Article)
(June 25, 2007 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

You read the first part of the article of Why hate Sanjaya?. Here's the second part. I know it's long but try to understand............

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  Clothes that can be in Style all Year (Doll Article)
(June 23, 2007 by babytink199 Send DollMail )

This is a guide that can help you be in style all year.

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  The math I live by: fashion (Doll Article)
(June 22, 2007 by BeautifulIllness Send DollMail )

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  High School Musical (Doll Article)
(June 22, 2007 by beebeeg101 Send DollMail YIM )

upcoming movie!

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TV Lovers Unite!!
(June 22, 2007 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

I'm Catlover02 and I made a new clique called TV__411. Anyone can join. We talk about TV, Music, and pretty much anything. We need new people who believe in TV, who know what TV is. I love TV, and I believe in talking about what you know and love!!!!!!
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