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Fashion Dolls new layout!!! =)
(December 21, 2004 by flitapuz Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM ) has a new layout.....Hillary Duff version 1.0, although there is no music. But that's okay. Rightieo? Right..right....RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??......whoa 2 drammatic there 4 a second eh? Lol, yes. So um check it out ;D
(December 21, 2004 by flitapuz Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Yes I know. It's sad to see a perfectly good site get flushed down the drain. I forgot what Nicole said (owner of this site I'm talking to you right now about), but if you go to her site which if some of you doesn't know:, you will see everything. ~meg~
The doll palace explodes...
(December 17, 2004 by lissieiscool Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM )

The doll palace explodes... in popularity! Not in flames! Everyone has done a good job in telling all their friends about this fantastic site. Let's thank Jessica for making this awesome site! We never would have thought about it ourselves!
Dollie_Lounge Opening
(November 16, 2004 by dollie_lounge Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

Today is Dollie_Lounge's Grand Opening. Please come on over.
Happy Halloween!
(October 30, 2004 by Inuyasha_Lover_2004 Send DollMail )

Today is Halloween and I hope that u have a great time trick-or-treating! had a new layout!
(September 06, 2004 by neohut Send DollMail )

Yummie Mix[dot]com had a new layout. This new layouts colors are a light blue and yellow with those 2 colors together it makes a nice look so come to to see the new layout. - Good News
(July 07, 2004 by thuggndiva Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

I have a new host. It takes 3-4 days for the new DNS settings to take place. The bad news is, I am going away today (Thursday) until next Thursday or Friday. When DNS has completed you will only get an UNDERCONSTRUCTION page until I return.

So, according to my calendar I suspect my website will re-open fully on the 16th, 17th or 18th depending how fast I can upload all my content and get things back to the way they were before it closed.

If you are viewing a FORBIDDEN page at present ignore it.

Thanks for reading,
Desiree - Bandwidth Issues (Doll Article)
(July 03, 2004 by thuggndiva Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM ) - Bandwidth Issues

Read Article NEW layout!
(May 31, 2004 by neohut Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

Thats right has a new layout! has a new rainbow colored layout.
Mystics Renaissance Doll Contest
(May 15, 2004 by support Send DollMail )

Mystics Creations just started Renaissance Doll Contest on The Doll Palace.
You can find contest details on Renaissance Doll Contest Homepage is back online...
(May 14, 2004 by support Send DollMail )

After couple of days of downtime is back online. New site updates are coming soon.
Angelfire Direct Links
(May 12, 2004 by support Send DollMail )

It looks like Angelfire switched on the protection against direct linked files. It has been on couple of months ago, then they switched it off and now it is back on again. If you have any direct linked images/banners on angelfire account consider moving them to a different location.
The Doll Palace Fanlisting - now has 1000 members!
(March 20, 2004 by thuggndiva Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

I am happy to see the outcome of the ever growing fanlisting for The Doll Palace which now has over 1000 members and growing stronger everyday.

If you happen to be a Fan of The Doll Palace and would like to show your support why not join the fanlisting. You can find the link on the homepage of The Doll Palace website! down (Doll Article)
(February 20, 2004 by support Send DollMail )

Gurlpowerrr went down couple of days ago. The incident is related to the server problems. Hopefully it will be back up very soon.

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Netsacape & Safari on TDP
(December 01, 2003 by support Send DollMail )

The Doll Palace starts supporting advanced dollmaker features for Netscape and Safari browsers.
DollieCrave is back
(October 29, 2003 by support Send DollMail )

Doll Comunity finally has DollieCrave back, you can visit the site @ is temporarily down
(October 22, 2003 by support Send DollMail ) is having a problem with internet provider. Site is currently down, but it is not closed.
You can visit their forums @
  Interview with Bronnie (Doll Article)
(May 20, 2003 by support Send DollMail )

Laurel interviews Bronnie, the woman who is second in command behind the most popular doll contest, Miss Doll America (MDA). Read about some insider info that Bronnie provides and clears some common myths

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Doll Palace 2002 Screensaver!
(April 27, 2003 by support Send DollMail )

I was browsing the Doll Palace when I noticed they have a screensaver for 2002. If you want some dolls on your screen while you are away you can go to screensaver page here or a direct link to the setup file.
Tired of those Popup-Ads?
(November 06, 2002 by support Send DollMail )

It is nice to have some kind of Popup-Killer (I think there are millions of those out on the net), however sometimes it doesn't help. Do you have your browser opening an ad on almost every website? Do you have popups on The Doll Palace? (Doll Palace is popup free site) In this case look for embedded banner software on your computer. Two major ones are "GAIN" and "CYDOR". You can find more information regarding popups by visiting our Manual section.
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