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(January 21, 2006 by afrodhite Send DollMail )

Do you like superhero/ines? or villains/vixens

Well, if you do you are reading the right thing!
ever wondered if you could make up a superhero/ine in a story??
well your dream has come true!!! d-mail me with you superhero/ine name (plus there real name)and describe what the costume is like and there weekness and there power(s) 2 powers maximum 0 powers is the minimum. (if they have no powers they can have weapons, tell me what sort of weapons you want them to have)

Or you can make up a villain/vixen and of course right their name (and there real name, unless they are an terminator/robot) and there weakness and there weapons and describe there costume/facial makeup and powers
Princess Dollz
(January 07, 2006 by SILLYx_LoveSongs Send DollMail )

Just wondering when the new princess dollz are coming out!

Why does it take TDP so long to put out the new dollz to all members. Now I have lost count, but its been at least a week since the new princess doll maker came out. I don't mean to sound rude but it always takes a long time. Am I alone here?

  the new competion (Doll Article)
(January 04, 2006 by afrodhite Send DollMail )

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Princess dolls
(January 03, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

WOW!!!!!! if you thought the christmas doll maker was bomb jsut wait till u chek this out!!!!!!! soooo many pretty dreses NS CUTE GLOVES AND A CROWN TO MATCH EVRY GOWN! and its th same base as teh xmas doll but theres even more of em. so ull be bale to mix n match its so scool!!!! by far teh prettiest dolls ever!!! way to go Jessica thank you soo soo much!!!!! i think we should hvae a jessica apreciation day waht dus evryone else say!?!
  Enchanted (series) (Doll Article)
(January 02, 2006 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

Enchanted the series is held at Dollz and Stories written by Fusion_Angel, author of Mermaid Magic, The Maid That Sold Her Barley, Thanksgiving Flowers and Romance, and Christmas Love

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Lemonz Dollz Has Vanished
(December 16, 2005 by XxL3m0nxX Send DollMail )

im sorry everyone about this but i had to delete my sites
only because someone was threatening me about it i didnt know what to do so i left
i'll make a new one eventually.
sorry, Lemon
More residents from Oklahoma
(December 14, 2005 by Xo3diranged_elve3oX Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

I am from Oklahoma and i have noticed not many people are on the doll from oklahoma,it's sad.Please this place is awesome. Many features on premium and MORE! So who loves you oklahoma,come to tdp it's awesome herea aLso i have made a clique for Oklahoma join please.
Sharing Premi Is Gone?
(October 22, 2005 by XxL3m0nxX Send DollMail )

Discovered yesterday, and to many other people. The way of allowing to share premi doesn't work anymore. This is probably devistating to many people who was sharing premi with someone to find out that they can't anymore. I think it's a bad thing though, it can lead people to get tempted to steal other's premi more Watch Out Premium Members
New doll chat is popular!
(September 29, 2005 by Paramounts_Kings_Island_lover Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

New doll chat is popular!
The new doll chat is definitely improved from what it used to be. It has actually attracted more of my personal friends to join doll palace. I think it is a great improvement and makes TDP more interesting. I call it a mini version of the avatar chat. I like being able to chose a doll and have a private uninterrupted conversations.
Pen Pals
(September 27, 2005 by cammillerox Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

How can I get a pen pal? That question goes through the heads of many new dollmakers.

"I'm so lonely and new,I want some one to talk to but the others who know people want nothing to do with me.", one girl states sadly. "Why can't people open up around here and make some new friends?", another adds.

Online Cliques are a new trend where avatars make friends,start a group consisting of them only. They snobby,rude,and flat out mean. Other times the ignore "Outsiders". If you are looking for Dollmail Pen Pal,Dollmail Cammillerox. A way you can help,take a new comer under your wing and be friend. Please try to remember this in every day life,You Can Never Have too many Friends.
  Premium membership... (Doll Article)
(September 20, 2005 by cammillerox Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Premium membership, Is it really worth it?

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Tons of new dollmaker items donated!
(September 19, 2005 by cammillerox Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Yesterday,myself and many others donated some new sets to the dollpalace dollmaker.There is no garentee that our items will be admitted in to the dollmaker,however my sets(3)were exceptionally unique including homes,cars,fountains,furnitue,and much,much,more!If you would like to donate,
just click on to the donte/upload props button and start collecting some items!
:)Cammillerox(: Much appriciated(:
Guy Dolls
(August 01, 2005 by cuts_and_lies Send DollMail AIM YIM )

Please guys don't you think we need a more variety pick of dolls? Specially for the smaller dudes. It would be great to have more. I really don't enjoy having to go through all the same dolls and sticking with the same old ones. PLEASE! I'm a guy and desperate for some new guy dolls.
Sharing Premium
(June 27, 2005 by scotlass Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

People in the doll palce avatar chat may ask u if u have premium if you do they will probaly ask u if you can share with them. If you do not no they person or have just met them i suggest you say no as they can steal your premium and never give it back
Precious Pixels
(April 29, 2005 by flitapuz Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Precious Pixels is the site that closed (every1 knows that let me get to the good part) but it IS coming back soon. If you go to the website, you will see everything..
Akmist has a new layout!
(April 22, 2005 by s0_delightful Send DollMail )

Akmist is off hiatus and has a new layout! Go check it out
Dollie~Bliss is Opened
(March 21, 2005 by flitapuz Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

For a while dollie bliss was suspended, nd now it came back. With a new URL nd everything. So go check it out yourself at: . Enjoy!
DoLlIe BeAts Re-OpEnEd!!!
(February 13, 2005 by flitapuz Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Dollie Beats has just re-opened! After a open haitus, it has opened once again. and we are all so happy. XD So, COME ON DOWN! lmao
(January 08, 2005 by flitapuz Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Every1 knows how long flurtee has been on haitus. ( i most ppl do...) It was very long too, like a couple of months. But, guess wut? IT has reopened! has a new layout too.
Ryona's Dolls
(December 31, 2004 by dudettel Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

New handdrawn dolls site!
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