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Wait a minute...
(March 24, 2006 by missmerrygirl Send DollMail AIM YIM )

If Jessica is creating these new guy dolls...shouldn't there be a dollmaker coming out? Gee, it's weird to think that guys are so exclusive that even premium members can't even get their hand on it either...jessica, we need you!
TDP's Shuni Maker!
(March 23, 2006 by kimber892003 Send DollMail Visit Website )

Check out The Doll Palace's NEW Shuni maker!
Huge prop selection & African American Full bodies (finally)!!
Make your personal Shuni doll today!!
Shuni Dolls
(March 23, 2006 by iRocknRoll Send DollMail YIM )

I love the new shuni dolls they're awsome. I'v been looking all over the internet for them and only a few doll sites have a shuni maker. Thanks Jessica!!!
Dollz Stories 2
(March 22, 2006 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

People leave nasty comments on the Dollz and Stories page. It hurts your feelings, and sometimes destroyes your hopes. I think that, if people feel the need to write a comment that isn't very nice, try to at least mix it in with a good comment. It'll make people happier and stonger.
More Props?
(March 22, 2006 by samythyst Send DollMail Visit Website )

I am very new to the world of Cartoon Doll Making.I have checked the net out and the DOLL PALACE is by far the most awesome doll maker out.I particularly enjoy using props with the dolls.I am hoping that maybe there are some new props in the works, such as mushrooms,trees,suns,throw rugs, etc.....I realize that a great deal of work goes in to creating this dynomite site.I guess I am just waiting to see what more will be intigrated into this "Art Form". Hoping and waiting.
St. Pattys day
(March 17, 2006 by italianBELLA_x Send DollMail )

Happy St. Pattys day to all the Irish Girls n Guys out there
I hope u have a good time with the new dols jessica made for st. patricks day. they cool for guys. but what will girls wear?? oh well they will find something.
Yes! Guys!
(March 15, 2006 by missmerrygirl Send DollMail AIM YIM )

The new dollz came out (it's those guys) so I really hope they will have their own dollmaker! YES! Oh, and the guy emo dollz? Shouldn't they have their own dollmaker too! So happy Jessica has something going for guys!
TDP stories
(March 10, 2006 by jojo_1 Send DollMail )

i have beens onto the story site on the doll palace and created a few stories of my own. people have been writing bad comments and stuff and purposly trying to hurt someones feelings. stories come from a persons imagination so it's not fair for someone to say they think it's bad, because everyone's imagination is different, therefore not all stories are going to hook you onto them and want to read them. if you don't like a certain story vote it one and don't write a comment, and if you do, try and encourage the person to try harder or give them some ideas that way they might use your ideas and thank you for them. if they don't thank you, who cares, at least they have made a beginning, and as long as you know that it was your idea then that's all that matters.

look for more jojo_1 news stories, they'll be full of something new everytime.
Tdp Look
(March 10, 2006 by Xo3diranged_elve3oX Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

Thedollpalace is an amazing site but the look has been the same for 4 years! or more it gets on my nerves that it looks the same.I know that Jessica does enough already but its a super site that you see the same all the time. I bet alot of people feel the same as I do. Do you think tdp's layout and theme is getting old?
every one ask yourslef that.

Doll Point Shop
(March 10, 2006 by missmerrygirl Send DollMail AIM YIM )

The doll point shop shouldn't just sit there for nothing...hey, I'm waiting for some new releases! Anyways, all those gowns are so hot but...they just aren't in the Doll makers! What?!?! It's cool and all, but shouldn't the doll point shop be used for this section (hint hint). Also, the release following my Amelia Callista story has arrived ! Check it out under missmerrygirl: Falling of Raindrops

Hope to see more coming along to this lovely place!
Grand Re-Opening of Dollie Lounge
(March 07, 2006 by dollie_lounge Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM )

Finally re-opened Dollie with new layout, requests tutorials..etc....Come on by!!!
What happened to Doll Makers
(March 04, 2006 by missmerrygirl Send DollMail AIM YIM )

I know that new things come up all the time and the new selection is just awesome! Though, what happened to making new doll makers? It would be so cool to have our own selection of making our dolls...I think that all celebrity dolls need their own doll maker! Hope morethings can be added soon...and to the Doll Point Shop!
New Emo Maker!
(February 27, 2006 by xXBaLlErInA_TuTuSXx Send DollMail AIM YIM )

I'm sure all are very pleased with the new emo maker! it has great items, and a huge selection! i advise all of you to head down and check it out ;D
What Happened to the Doll Point Shop?
(February 23, 2006 by missmerrygirl Send DollMail AIM YIM )

There hasn't been anymore new stuff and the new spring dolls that came out should soon have its own dollmaker. I'd like some more stuff for the shop and the thematic dollz should be added to the long list of dollz. I'd rather use those, please! Still, lovin this site. There should be some more guys here...kinda need them for my stories...
The Girl's Guide to April Fool's Day
(February 18, 2006 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

If you are having a party, make sure everyone that enters your door expects a night of tricks. Have a sign on the door that says something like, "Now entering 'The Joke Zone'. Be aware". Then, have lots of little tricks planted all over the place. If you can, try to put a whoope cushion on your boy friends seat. Try your hardest to get him to sit there. Or, if it would make it easier, use place cards.
Remember: There are nice jokes and mean jokes. Think about the other person. Would he/she get mad? Yes? No? The desision ids all yours.
The old Doll Palace was better
(February 17, 2006 by ave09 Send DollMail YIM )

Everyone wants the doll palace to have emos preps uniques and thugs bonitas and sweets back dont we?

The old Doll Palace had those, the new one has the new homepage updates dollz(which i hate) and the new emo style dolls they are not emo so i hope you understand that we want the old back.
Valentines Day News
(February 16, 2006 by italianBELLA_x Send DollMail )

Hi im krystal N i have been seeing ppl that have been braking up N ruining there valentines day! :( n on x-mas they brake up cause they just want presents!!! N than Booom BYE BYE ...well this isnt about gifts its about who u love inside!! n valentines day if to celebrate with ur family N friends not just the special sum1....thats what Valentines Day is about!! to have a good time!! so be happy !!!!!!!
On City of Codes
(February 16, 2006 by LoonyLuna48 Send DollMail )

The Doll Palace has been added to the City of Codes website!
doll_luvers need new members
(February 07, 2006 by hannyspannie Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

there is a new club called doll_luvers and we need some new members so if you wanna join then go onto the clubs page and search doll_luvers and join. once you join you will get a funky animated doll with fluffy boots!
Good Ol' times...
(January 29, 2006 by japaneserocker Send DollMail ICQ YIM )

What ever happened to the good ol' dolls that the doll palace used to make? Like the silents and the thugs! Also, waht about the preps and the uniques? All they publish now is crummy dollz that you have to pay for! Don't you guys remeber? I do. I say the Doll palace should start making more of those dolls again! I'm sick of using those old ones! They're still cool, but I guess they lost their pizzaz. Anyway, I don't want to see more of those Crummy Dollz! I want to see those good ol' times come back again! With the silents, bonitas, ravers, preps and Uniques! Don't you? Cause' I do.
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