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Jessica strikes again
(June 04, 2006 by bballgurl26335 Send DollMail )

Another big hit on the doll palace; pirates and mermaids.

Jessica just seems to know exactly what the crowd wants. first the Adriana dolls to the oscars and now pirates and mermaids. wow. keep up the great work. we all appreciate the time and effort you put into your long hours into this site.

  TDPMartyrs (Doll Article)
(June 03, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

TDPMartyrs is a clique i started. its for people new to teh doll palace who need help getting started especially were doll points are concerned.

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Survivor: The Clique
(June 02, 2006 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

Hey! I am the Co-Owner of the clique, Survivor. We need lots of people who love the TV hit, Survivor. We play a little game, of which the rules are as on Survivor. We've got graphics, but now we need people. So please join.
Thank You!
Thank You
(June 02, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

I want to say thank you to jessica for all her hard work adn effort she puts into making this site what it is. Jessica, you are amazing, this site is amazing thanks to you. You have given us so much recently the adriana maker, the new guy props both preps and dollz, and now the mermaids of the carribean. Thank you.
Charmed Dolls
(May 31, 2006 by fashionguru_44 Send DollMail Visit Website )

Charmed ends... it ruled, didn't it?!

Most Doll Palace fans know you can buy the Charmed Dolls on the Doll Palace, and they will be saddened as Charmed Fans to see Charmed end after it's eight series. So show your salute to Charmed, if you live in England the last episode is tomorrow at 8pm on Living tv or buy a Charmed Doll and use it as your avatar, as a mark of respect!
Coolest Clothes on Doll Palace
(May 27, 2006 by bree_rulz Send DollMail )

if you simply look under make dolls it will say: quick dress up games jumps
under that tile it will say shaded unquie doll maker click on that and........
(May 26, 2006 by angelcrunch Send DollMail )

Do you rome around TDP Avatar Chat wishing YOU had a doll with an I-POD? you can! Just go to personal Dollmakers and search for angelcrunch's maker. (PREMI'S ONLY) Then click on the selection that says,I-PODS. Then let it load and u will see some I-PODS!
Green day contest
(May 18, 2006 by budsled Send DollMail )

for all those greenday fans i am holding a greenday contest it last 3 more days and there are 100 spots open only !!! so get yours in in a hurry!!!!
Miss Fairy Contest!
(May 15, 2006 by Sorii Send DollMail Visit Website )

I'm holding a set of contest for Miss Fairy. The rules:
1. You must make a Doll with wings and some sort of magical appearance.
2. The first Doll that you make in the first contest should have on an evening gown.
3. You may not submit nude dolls.
4. Your doll cannot be an angel, it MUST be a fairy.
Contest begins on the 15th! Doll Mail me (Sorii) for more info or see the article for a detailed explanation.
Glamous Girls 2
(May 12, 2006 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

I know that some of you may remember the last post about the club, Glamous Grils. Well, we need more people. We have a totally new layout, and more people.
New cover doll maker
(May 09, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

yay a new doll maker! its great!!! the adriana doll is so popular. ervy1 is making adriana dolls in the fashion shows. she is very real looking not super skinny and fake. she has great style and is absolutlely beautifull.
The new updates,I cant wait,can you?
(May 06, 2006 by purple_foxx_ Send DollMail AIM )

Well,we have all heard of the new "foxx tials and ears" thing, but many updates are coming tommorow, and some maybe on the weekend,i cant wait,infact,sence this site is soo popular,iv been planning to put some things on my new site to tell about this wounderful site,but,back on topic. I hope jessica makes a BIG inprovment to the site, i know im ready to read the news tommorow!
Fox Tails and Ears for the dollmaker are fianlly here!
(May 04, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

I've been hearing people talk about the fox tails and ears for a while now.people have been talking about them in the forums asking jessica to make some for TDP dolmaker. well she fianlly did it. they are so cute too. if you have premium you can get animated tails the regualr ones are cute to. ttheres lots of different styles and colors its easy to find a matching outfit for any foxtail. they are adorableand fun. hte day is young but im sure ill be seeing plenty of foxy dolls in the fashion shows and many shows with that theme as teh day progreses. if you ahvnt checked them out yet you should.. you'll find them under the preps tab of the dol maker, look for the preview box with question marks in it.

thank you for giving us some new props jessica i love tehm and im sure ervyone else will too.
Enter new contests!
(April 27, 2006 by lissieiscool Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM )

There are so many contests out there! Go enter one . Such as, if you like the new movie called "She's the Man". I have made contests about She's the Man and anyone can enter it. Or if you have many cool icons you like, you can enter them in my newest contest called " Cool Icons ." So, I encourage you to go out there, and find a good contest to enter. And if your the best, YOU JUST MIGHT WIN!
How many doll points do you have ?
(April 27, 2006 by lissieiscool Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM )

How many doll points do you have? A little? Or alot? Read on to find out how you can earn more!

I've noticed not many of the members in the doll palace have many doll points. At first, I thought most of the people in the doll palace had alot of doll points like me. But after asking my friends how many they had, I discovered maybe not everyone has alot of points! I have over 2,000 doll points! To many of you that may seem like alot, but I know I can get much more. And here's how!

1. Make alot of dolls. Let your creative side take hold.
2. Enter contests. And even if you don't win, atleast you get points for entering!
3. Get premium. Did you know you get 500 doll points when you get premium?
4. Save your doll points. Don't waste all your points at the shop right away!
Imagine if you save it, then you can have the pride of having more points than
some one else. Yippee!

Use these helpful tips and soon you'll find yourself having even more points than me! So, go ahead. Make dolls! Enter contests! Get premium! Save your points! Have so many points!
  fashion show etiquette (Doll Article)
(April 19, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

how to act in fashion shows whats aceptable what isnt. for newbies and otehr who dont understand teh fashion shows.

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Real Glitter
(April 18, 2006 by iRocknRoll Send DollMail YIM )

I think the new gillter is awsome, especially when you use it for jewelry!
  Easter (Doll Article)
(April 09, 2006 by italianBELLA_x Send DollMail )

Easter is cuming! Get ready for the bunny of the century! Hide those eggs, Buy those chocolate candy bunny's! Have a blast on whats going to happen soon. Happy almost Easter!!!

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Guys maker!
(April 06, 2006 by my_boy_jet Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

It's finally here!!! Yay! This is great!
new glitter FX for premies
(March 27, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

ive been in the fashion shows practically all day ive seen lots of pepole using the new glitter outlines. its so popular already. how it works is you pick the kind of glitter you want from the selection wich is vaired theres lots of dif things so its easy to find sumthig to match whatever color lcothes you put on your doll. well anyway it creates an outline around you doll. you can pick how thick you want it to be. so it could be like full backround or subtle outline. the little glittering box next to the word backround on the doll maker is where you find all the diferent glitter. if you haven't used ths yet try it its pretty cool.
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