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Doll Points and doll makers
(August 26, 2006 by lola_444 Send DollMail )

Did you know that everytime you make a doll, you get doll points? Well I have 300 dollpoints and i bought the Ravers dollmaker, it is surely a must-have! All the items are good and everything, but can't they have more stuff for the dollmaker other then the Ravers doll maker? I mean I don't even use the candy dollmaker, no offence to anyone that uses it, but to me it is a bit lame. And for the standards they can only play Adrianna Dollmaker and not Jasmine dollmaker, etc. I will futher investigate (lol) and let you know.

Thx and have a great day

  Profiles: The Dos and Don'ts (Doll Article)
(August 21, 2006 by Silver_Wolf_Kitty Send DollMail )

Things to make your profile enjoyable for all users.

Read Article
Hippie Dolls
(August 20, 2006 by CutieAngel_ForLife Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Dear Dollmakers,

We all have seen how Angel Dolls first appeared in New Doll Collection. Well now these days Hippie Dolls are the new trend. Will the Hippie Dolls be made into a Dollmaker? If they are I am going to be excited. For everybody that reads this article keep your fingers crossed for a Hippie Dollmaker.
Angel Are Still Premium
(August 03, 2006 by CutieAngel_ForLife Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

The Angels have come out but still avaiable ONLY for premium

Notice 7/20 of Jessica's reports. Its not that i am critizing her its just that why are the angels still only for premium memebers. A lot of non-premium members would like to start creating angels. It has been a week and more and still the angels are premium.
Where are the halos?
(July 25, 2006 by yokaiblood666 Send DollMail )

On the Angels Dollmaker, where are the halos?

I went on the doll maker on my premium account; and could not find any halos! Maybe I am just blind, but I couldn't see anything. I saw crowns and lots of other fancy stuff, but no halos. Maybe I am just going insane.
The new angels Dollmaker is here!
(July 24, 2006 by diamonds_and_daisies95 Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

The new angel dollmaker provides you with loads of great new accesorizes and even has some demon dolls to! this new doll maker is an absolte success!
Footle_Gleekers - the clique
(July 24, 2006 by xMermaidx Send DollMail Visit Website )

Footle means - To waste time, To act/talk foolish

Gleekers means - To joke

This clique is all about letting lose and being the hilarious person you really are, There are competitions running constently with prizes such as dolls customized by you, made by me.

I am saying it now and wont stop saying it untill im satisfied, This clique will never be non active, I will do ne thing in my power to make sure it is active!

Please im asking you to join!

Scencerly Yours Jasmine (jazzy)(xMermaidx)
Angels DollMaker is Coming!!!
(July 23, 2006 by idontcarewhattheythink Send DollMail Visit Website )

Finally the long-awaited Angels DollMaker is arriving. Although for the first few weeks it will only be accessible to premium members, it will be available to everyone else after a while. The dolls are b-e-a-utiful, and the clothes are gorgeous. Not to mention the cute faces. Up Next? Perhaps a devil maker. Flames and all!
ItsAllAboutDolls~The Club
(July 12, 2006 by catlover02 Send DollMail Visit Website )

On 6/12/06, I made a new club called ItsAllAboutDolls. We give tips and tricks to making dolls. Remember, if you love dolls, this is the club for you.
Cha-Ching! (And a Comment!)
(July 12, 2006 by idontcarewhattheythink Send DollMail Visit Website )

You know what's funny? All the cartoon dolls, especially the shUnis, dress like they have a TONNNN of money. Can't we just have some normal clothes? Like screened tees with "My Milkshake is Vanilla" and things like that on them? Like jeans that look old with coffee stains, ripped knees... not everyone is labeled, you know. And although it is extremely fun to dress up the highly glossed dolls, it would be fun to acctually be able to make me and my friends. And by the way, is there ever going to be a doll maker for the dolls that Jessica puts behind her news (for non-premium members, I mean)? I hope. They're gorgeous.

-Mouse <3
Pirates maker has come
(July 07, 2006 by sc16 Send DollMail )

Today teh pirates maker has come for all members. Even if u aren't a member you can still use it. There are historical dresses and uniforms and new hair. But you must find out the rest yourself. I'd like to thank Jessica for her wonderful Doll makers. HOORAY DOLL PALACE
Tomorrow the pirates dollmaker ..
(July 06, 2006 by emily_lou Send DollMail )

Tomorrow the pirates dollmaker will be opening for every single user of the doll palace!!!

On July 7 the Pirates Dollmaker will be opened for every single user on TDP. Jessica, we'd all like to thank you for making TDP the best place ever!!! There's so many dollmakers, and you are the one who creates them.

They are so fantastic. The Pirates Dollmaker will include pirate clothing and accessories from many pirate movies and more.

Stay logged in to see what the pirate dollmaker will be like. It will be opening tomorrow.
Happy 4th of July!
(July 06, 2006 by purple_foxx_ Send DollMail AIM )

To wish all our TDP users a great 4th of july!

Hey this is wish all of our TDP users..and i mean all of em a great 4th of July! Hope ya all had a great 4th of July!

Next Contest????!?!?!
(June 23, 2006 by jamzie22 Send DollMail AIM )

Hey, I was wondering, when is the next contest going to be? I'm so excited about it though, because I know it has something to do with writing!!! Is there any news about a new contest coming soon??
  Doll Album and Fashion Show (Doll Article)
(June 22, 2006 by ashley2792 Send DollMail AIM )

I recently created a doll and saved it in my album. When i went back and looked in my album i thought to myself that i should use it in a fashion show. I wasn't exactly sure but i think that i can't enter a doll into the fashion show once i click out of the site and then get back on and enter into the album. If i am mistaken can someone please help me figure out how to put it in, and if not i think this would be an awesome add to the dollz album so you can just get the doll you already made and put it in a fashion show.


Read Article
the dollzalbum
(June 16, 2006 by babyangeldragon Send DollMail )

jessica, i wanted to say youre great!!! but can you do 1 thing about doll album? the candys i/you/anybody makes dont come in the dollalbum:( will you pretty please do something about it? i love you!
The Complete Album of the Best Writers
(June 13, 2006 by missmerrygirl Send DollMail AIM YIM )

Right now, the May Awards are going on and i thought, how about an album of your best work? The May Awards competition was based on the audience's opinion. Though, how do they know that's your best? Stop by on this story entry to enter your best writing and in three days, all the best will come into one album...hurry, there isn't much time left! By Friday, it will be completed and published for final results. If not, you're going to have to wait over a month! Stop by now to make your writing moment shine!
It was only for the music doll stories
(June 10, 2006 by budsled Send DollMail )

I am the writer of it was only for the msic parts1-6. i want to let the readers know that it is going to take me a while to publish seven. it is the end of the school year so number 7 and more will have to be publish in late june early july
Dollz && Stories
(June 06, 2006 by iRocknRoll Send DollMail YIM )

I love the Dollz && Stories sections. You can give life to any doll, it's just awsome. I just started writing my own!
Loving dollz gives more to offer
(June 04, 2006 by bballgurl26335 Send DollMail YIM )

the club loving dollz is just a typical club except for the fact that it allows anyone to join and it is only 20dp. you should also join this club because the owners bballgurl26335 and Kristina_loves_campy are great examples of what great doll makers can do. they not only give you the links to the sites of how to make awesome blinkie dollz but they also let you display your newly made doll and give it a link. But now they are even offering you your own dolls. you don't have to do a think; well except tell them what type of doll, what colors and then BOOM, they make it for you and in about a week you can pick up ur newly made doll either for your site or for fashion shows and contests. maybe you should share some love and go over to the fashion show and donate some doll points or even join the club!

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