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Fall is coming!
(September 24, 2006 by princess_nikki Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

Fall is coming so you people need to be dressing warmly and get ready for leaf power! Even if you think jumping in the leaves is babyish do it anyways. It's fun to do it with friends. Also be sure to check around you and see the changes. Start Sniffing the air becuase your soon going to be smelling fall! Happy fall!
Manga and Anime Show or video game Dolls
(September 22, 2006 by KingdomHeartz_ Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

Wouldn`t it be cool if we had a Dollmaker based on Anime shows,books,or video games?

I would. Imagine a Dollmaker with Inuyasha characters or perhaps Kingdom Hearts and Sailor moon.It is to hard to find the right hairstyles and kind of clothes those characters would wear with just say the Hippie Dollmaker or the Guys Dollmaker wouldn`t it be?So a Dollmaker based on those things would be pretty cool.Not to mention the anime and manga lovers will probably enjoy that alot.And if you like kingdom hearts,if you want come and check out the kingdomheartsfan club in the clubs n cliques section of the TDP.
(September 21, 2006 by beebeeg101 Send DollMail YIM )

well i think you guys should make a halloween doll maker, i know that your pretty much busy, but why dont you give in on our craving for halloween since its coming up soon...oh yea an i think that if you ever make one you should put jack 4rm the nightmare before xmas!!
National Talk Like a Pirate Day!
(September 19, 2006 by lissymarie Send DollMail Visit Website )

That's right! So now is a perfect time to get crackin on the pirate dollmaker!

In honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, people all over the web are hoisting the Jolly Roger and celebrating! (Hey, any excuse for a party, right?) So, since TDP has a pretty sweet pirate dollmaker right here, why not try it out and create some sharp-tounged wenches of your own? The dolls make a great addition to any webpage, and will brighten up any email or card you might send today. So stop reading this and go make some pirate dolls!
Fantasy maker
(September 19, 2006 by j7113 Send DollMail )

I think TDP should add to the fairy/fantasy maker. They should add a new base for pixies. They could also add things like werwolves, unicorns, vampires, and other fantasy creatures. Just a suggestion for TDP.
  How do You feel about the 80's Look? (Doll Article)
(September 19, 2006 by emily132 Send DollMail )

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  National Hispanic Heritage Month (Doll Article)
(September 18, 2006 by emily_lou Send DollMail )

Are you Spanish? Well, from September 15 to October 15 it's National Hispanic Heritage Month! Time to honor different people here in the world....

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Historical doll makers
(September 17, 2006 by Knewgirl Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

i think that we need more of a opttion with historical dool makers that way we can make dolls from more time periods i think that that would be awsome because i love history i just think it would be so cool to have more clothing from diffrent time periods to choose from and from diffrent countries like Greece, France, Russia and other places from all over the world
Princess Doll Maker
(September 17, 2006 by xo_lovebabe Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

I think you should make a princess doll maker. That would be so cool! Another idea is to have a historical doll maker. Like ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome etc. A holloween maker would be great too!
Historical Dolls
(September 15, 2006 by xlost_rangerx Send DollMail )

We need a Shi-uni type historical dollmaker. Like Tristan & Isolde, ancient Greece, stuff like that.
Doll Maker
(September 15, 2006 by jenni123435 Send DollMail )

Heh I agree. You should make a Halloween Doll maker. Other than the thematic stuff. I know its a lot of work but it would be worth it!
(September 14, 2006 by my_boy_jet Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Well, the next contest is obviously about dollpoints, Jessica has been dropping hints like crazy. Maybe a few of you should start making dolls.... a lot of them!
halloween fun or not?
(September 13, 2006 by jaceno Send DollMail )

what are this Halloween activities? tell us jessica what is happening at the doll palace. is anything at all going to happen?

TDP Comment:
Something will happen
Doll shop!
(September 12, 2006 by Jess_Lauren Send DollMail )

is it true that there is going to be different items in the doll palace shop? I really hope there is!
Interchangeable Props
(September 09, 2006 by LameBrain Send DollMail )

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect outfit for your doll. But did you know that you can take props from one dollmaker and use them in another? If you click "add item" near the build area in a maker, you can grab props from every maker that's available to you. Many props, like skirts, bags, and even hair can fit more than one type of doll. You can use skirts from the ShUni dollmaker and use them on a New Fairy or Mermaid, or take backgrounds from the Angel maker and use them for a Prep. The possibilities are endless!
you should make halloween doll maker
(September 09, 2006 by beebeeg101 Send DollMail YIM )

You have a valentines and xmas makers and I think u should make a halloween one since the holiday is comin up !! :) also becuase i get the urge every time igo to the doll albums and all those halloween dolls in IT !!!!!!
Hippie Dollmaker open to all members
(September 08, 2006 by LameBrain Send DollMail )

The Hippie dollmaker/No war dollmaker should be open to standard members tomorrow. I'm sure it will rock.
Powder Puffs
(September 06, 2006 by XDarkxStarX Send DollMail )

There is a new club running. It is called, "Powder_Puffs". The owners of the club are Carly (xdarkxstarx) and Jazz (Jazrule). The club is currently accepting 3 new members. Join while you can!
The Fairy Tale Contest--Tips and Tricks ^_^
(September 03, 2006 by Original_screen_name Send DollMail )

10) Use good grammar. If you have a spell checker, put it to work. If not get someone you trust to read your story over for errors, this really helps when you can't spell like me...
9) Try to use alot of descriptions in your works, if you can see the pictures in your head when you're writing make sure you get them down so everyone knows exactly what you're talking about.
8) Try putting a twist on an old Fairy Tale if you don't have any ideas. Don't be afraid to ask "What if?" and "Why?"
7) Give your characters Character. Know the people you write and don't always make your princesses perfect. What if she gets the hiccups when she's nervous, or what if she's clumsy or has a bad temper? Base characters off people you know if you get stuck.
6) Keep in the same tense. Don't say "Once there was a princess who hated every suitor she had ever met, because I thought they only wanted me for my dowry and I wanted to marry only for true Love...or at least really strong Like." and don't say "Once upon a time the Prince ran away into the woods he seeks training from elves because he wants to become a warrior and he also wanted to learn more of their beautiful music." I see these things a lot in some people's writings on TDP and I really think it helps to be consistant.
5) Be original. If everyone else uses The Doll Palace as a castle then you should come up with something else. Make it a doll house, a summer resort, or even a fast-food resteraunt. It really helps your story stick out to the judges and other people if it's not a carbon copy entry of what everyone else has
4) Take it your time. Your entry is allowed to be longer than a few pages and I think you should take that opportunity to write something really good. Don't rush your romance, maybe the girl likes the guy at first sight, but isn't a she hates him/he loves her relation more dramatic? Explain what you need to explain, and really let people know what you're writing about. Three paragraphs and a happily ever after doesn't do it for alot of people.
3) Let one of your good friends or someone you trust read over your story and help you get your point across to people. I always give my stories to a friend I have here on TDP and also to my sister to make sure I'm saying what I want to say.
2) Be yourself. Let your own voice out in your story, don't be afraid. A story should be like a part of your imagination, heart, and mind typed up in Microsoft Word.
1) Don't ever get discouraged. If your story is rated one by ten people, dont' take it down. Have confidence and don't pout and rate everyone else low because you're upset. Also, if you read a really good story you don't think you can beat, don't decide not to enter. Push yourself! Let the words flow like water from your finger and don't ever look back. I've had people read my story and say they won't ever because it's too good, and I feel like I'm taking something away from them.
So that's why I hope everyone on TDP will enter this contest, because every story is like a piece of the author, and they're all different. Don't keep yours to yourself.
Good luck!
Hippie Dolls Have Come Out
(September 01, 2006 by CutieAngel_ForLife Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

Dear DollMakers,

We all love new dollmakers. So that's why we all should love the new hippie dollmaker. For those of you that don't and are reading this sorry if it is stereotyping you. But I say that because we all love to be creative and express ourselves in all different kinds of ways. Well any way. The new hippie dollmaker has arrived!!! Now we can make hippie dolls, go to school dolls, and no war dolls. So many choices to choose from. I'm sure all dollmakers will have fun making these dolls.
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