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Goth dolls
(October 18, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )

Who has been cheking out the new goth dolls jessica has been making? pretty sweet right? not long ago jessica hinted that a new premie doll maker would be coming soon. i really really hope its th goths. it probably will be. she has made over 100 dolls if she makes a dollmaker for goth dolls its will be a decent size i think with tuns props. i cant wait. if you havnt already then i enoucrage you no beg you to chek the new goth dolls out. they are wicked awesome.!!!!!!!!!!
New Club
(October 18, 2006 by j7113 Send DollMail )

There is a new club called Smart_Kidz_Only. It is for all the smart and experienced people on the wonderful website of TDP. I will add contests and much more as soon as we get members. We are in need of new members. Feel free to join!
P.S. - the club is on page 6
Halloween Friends Pages
(October 17, 2006 by xenaschakram Send DollMail )

I myself have created a great halloween page in the doll friends area and I thought i was the only one but I see that there are some of you out there who love to create a halloween page just like myself and boy I'd love to see a whole lot more of you guys making more of these to see all the creativity on your page and even your great dolls !!!! well till then Happy Halloween Doll Friends
Requesting dolls just not working for you?
(October 17, 2006 by xJESSiCA Send DollMail Visit Website )

TDP's custom dolls is...slow. Sometimes you wait for months on end for a single doll, and when you get it? Messed up, or not what you requested! Well, I have a simple solution. I am going to make it short and sweet. Request_dolls. A clique, which means you don't have to leave your friends in your current club. It is all about getting awesome dolls for avatars, backgrounds, and much more. I do not accept dollmails or emails, and if you do dollmail or email, it will be ignored. Please check it out, and get the request dolls you want within two days!
Watch out trick or treating
(October 12, 2006 by Michi96 Send DollMail YIM )

Dont be alone on Halloween! On Halloween kids should not be left alone!
Premium Day
(October 11, 2006 by X_RosexPetal_X Send DollMail )

Premiums pay for the doll palace, PAY!!! People say they are cheating. They are paying with their own money to play on the doll palace!!! So on Friday the 20th October lets have a celebration for premiums. In room Premium Ball the party will be held for premiums only. To get you you have to have a formal outfit and to proove you r a premi you have to do any smiley. Thank you all the premiums of the Doll Palace!!!
Enchanted (series)
(October 10, 2006 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail )

Enchanted is held at Dollz and Stories written by Fusion_Angel. These series are about 12 sisters who live in the galaxy separated by birth but they are raised on Earth. These girls are the Enchanted Warriors of Constellation. Ruby Collins, who is the narrator of the whole series and also Enchanted Capricorn, the leader, learns about she has sisters and powers by finding mysterious pins from each planets. Monsters from the evil planet Nalren comes to Earth to suck up energy from everybody for their Nalren leader. It's up to the Enchanted warriors to save the world and destory Nalren once and for all!
For any questions, contact Fusion_Angel by Dollmail.
  Halloween Questions! (Doll Article)
(October 10, 2006 by pixydust1372 Send DollMail AIM )

I am going to ask you some odd questions about Halloween doll mail me your answers and who ever has the most creative answers I will post up there name and there questions.(tell me if u do not want me to put them up)Also riddle at the end

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(October 09, 2006 by Electr0ele Send DollMail AIM )

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Canadian residents at the doll palace ;)
Gossip Stories
(October 09, 2006 by KuddlyKitty Send DollMail Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM )

The Doll Palace gossip stories are awesome!! they help keep us up-to-date and they DEFINATELY help us through the every-day troubles of teenage-hood, so to speak.
Good Job, Jessica!!
Keep it up!
Halloween Costumes and Safety Tips.
(October 08, 2006 by princess_nikki Send DollMail Visit Website YIM )

Hallow's Eve is coming. You may seem to call it Halloween. Dressing up is a big part of Halloween. And you still have no idea what you want. Well here are some Simple things i have chose. Sexy Maid,Witch,Vampire,Tooth Fairy,Punk, Cheerkeader. Those are some very simples ones. Here are some really hard ones to find: Butterfly Fairy, Graveyard witch, Grey fairy, Punk witch, Moon girl,Sailor moon, Ichigo,Cat women. Things such as that. Now there is more to Halloween than just costumes. You must be on the look out. And check ALL treats befor eating. Here are some very good Safety Tips:
1. If you are 14 and under it is safer to walk with an adult.
2. Do NOT eat candy untill they are checked. (people theese days have seemed to be poisening candies.)
3. Only go on a rout you are familair with.
4. Bring a flashlight. It can get very dark outside.
5. Watch for cars.
6. Do NOT walk with anyone you do not know.
7. Be prepared for anything bad or strange that comes along.
8. Have fun.
Tan, Brown and Black doll
(October 07, 2006 by Ice_Lolly Send DollMail Visit Website )

Has anyone here ever noticed that when the new doll makers open none of them ever have brown or black skin? I don't think this is fair because people at this site come in all colors (and weights) so we should each have own our doll to represent us. I don't think it's right that every other (if not all) the doll makers that come out only feature dolls for the lighter people of this site and the darker people don't get any. I have met many Latinos, Asians, and Blacks on this site and I'm sure that they would like their own unique dolls. Not everyone in this world is light skinned and I think a doll site with a variety of cultures and people should represent everyone and not just favor one color over another.
skinny vs big
(October 07, 2006 by blubbernugget11 Send DollMail )

The doll palace should start making dolls that are at least a little bit fat. I know for a fact that there has to be at the least 20 people on here that are big. I don't think that it's fair that all of the dolls are skinny and not even a little bit big. I know what it feels like to the other people because I am kind of big too. I find it insulting. I mean, why not put dolls that are big. Does the doll palace not put them because they think that they are stupid, or ugly because I'm not. I'm a straight A student and I have three guys waiting to ask me out. I really do not think that it is fair.
  Prep VS Shuni (Doll Article)
(October 06, 2006 by sexy_doll_chick_8 Send DollMail )

The Solid Difference Between: Prep and Shuni

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  Good or Bad? (Doll Article)
(October 05, 2006 by ananas Send DollMail )

Do good stories get overlooked because someone is not making out by the end of the first sentence?Or is it simply because they're not interesting?I'm hoping to find out.

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I won!
(October 04, 2006 by LameBrain Send DollMail )

Thank you everyone who voted for me in the fairy tale contest. I worked very hard on it, and I hope you enjoyed reading about Marvelle and Fleur. BTW, congrats to original_screen_name on winning first place.
  Fall make-up (Doll Article)
(October 02, 2006 by arabamericansweetie Send DollMail )

This fall is all about the clothes you wear, but you want to make sure you have the whole fashionable package...including your make-up!

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  Manga and Anime Dolls (Doll Article)
(October 01, 2006 by Lia3220 Send DollMail Visit Website )

Wouldn`t it be nice if we had those dollmakers that had different anime and manga show's characters on them!

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  Fall Fashion (Doll Article)
(October 01, 2006 by arabamericansweetie Send DollMail )

Take this fall season as an opportunity to revamp your style.

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  Official Fun Day (Doll Article)
(September 28, 2006 by lola_444 Send DollMail )

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