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School Rules I値l Never Understand @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  School Rules I値l Never Understand (Doll Article)

(September 15, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I知 by no means a problem child at school, but even though I follow the vast majority of rules without making a fuss, there are certain school rules I値l never understand. Or even if I understand them, I think they are rather silly.

No iPods at School

Okay, I understand the phone issue. Having a phone in class is distracting and can interrupt things. But if we were able to listen to our music every time we were doing all of the quiet work that you seem to do in class, there would be less cheating, higher productivity and a bit more enthusiasm. Think about it. You do your homework at home with music playing. Why do your work at school without it? I壇 be willing to bet there are even studies out there that would support my position here. Kids bring their own iPods and listen to their own music while they work after the teacher is done talking, of course. What痴 the problem?

No Dyed Hair

This one is just silly. Obviously fashion dictates that we sometimes have outlandishly colored or styled hair. Alright, it doesn稚 dictate it, but having black hair or platinum blonde hair is just as distracting as having dark blue stands in your hair or even pink tips. The same thing goes for hairstyles. What is so terrible about dreads or a faux hawk anyway? Are they really that distracting to the learning environment? I think most kids would tell you that they don稚 really care what other people do with their hair. The only problem I could see is if a giant 素ro was in front of my face when I was trying to read the board, but a different desk ought to solve that easily enough. I might have noticed a wild hairstyle, but I致e certainly never been distracted by one. Teachers ought to give us more credit.

No Meds at School

In most schools it seems that all meds have to be taken to the nurse to be distributed. To me that痴 just silly. If I知 having a yucky day and want to have Midol on hand, why do I have to give it to a nurse I致e never met in my life? Half of the teens in a high school at least are seventeen or eighteen. They are adults in most senses of the world. They can be drafted to the military, but can稚 carry their own Tylenol. Granted there are many who do it anyhow and might not even realize they are breaking a school rule. You might check with your school handbook on the medicine policy. I know of at least one girl who fell victim to a zero-tolerance policy. It turns out drug dogs can detect Tylenol and she learned the lesson the hard way. Thirty days in a disciplinary school seems a bit extreme for a case of cramps and a small bottle of Tylenol.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 21, 2009
...unless it was cold medicine? Does Tylenol make cold medicine?
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 21, 2009

Are you serious about the Tylenol?!

That IS an over reaction!

I think bare shoulders is a wierd rule too. I get that they don't wan't bra straps or tube tops, but what gives about a strappy shirt with a built in bra? Do boys really find shoulders that se.x.y? I think muscly arms are se.x.y so boys should refrain from t-shirts! *rolls eyes*

Thank goodness I'm out of school and wearing whatever I want!
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