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Is This a Healthy Crush? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Is This a Healthy Crush? (Doll Article)

(April 08, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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So you like someone. I love a good crush. A healthy crush is harmless. It’s a fun way to fantasize about spending time with a special someone. The crush makes it fun to go to school and gives you plenty to talk about, but sometimes crushes cross the line from fun and flirty into something unhealthy and even dark. Always be sure your crushes are of the healthy variety.

The Healthy Crush Isn’t Obsessive

When you like a guy, you can dislike the girl he seems to be hanging out with, but you liking him doesn’t mean you get to hate her or do something ugly. When you start harassing a girl for “taking” your man, you’ve crossed the line – especially if he’s not really your man. If your crush has developed into a full-fledged relationship with the guy, congrats! If you see him talking to another girl, talk to him about it.

She might have asked him a question, but you’ve got your man. You don’t need to worry about her. If your guy starts looking at her more than he’s looking at you, avoid the temptation to trash the girl. It is more likely your guy’s fault than hers. Just lose the guy and find someone more worthy. Fighting over a man usually means he’s not worth it – otherwise there would be nothing to fight about. If he’s 100% true, you have nothing to worry about.

The Healthy Crush Isn’t Dangerous

Sometimes we like a guy so much we’re willing to do just about anything to get his attention or make him like us in return. If you find yourself doing things you know are wrong such as drinking, smoking, doing drugs, starving yourself, making yourself throw up, or engaging in sexual activities you’re not comfortable with, you’re way over the line between good and bad.

Let a trusted adult or friend know about the situation so that you can find help to get yourself back on track. You never need to put yourself or your health in danger for something like a crush, and having someone to listen to you as you talk it out will be a tremendous help – don’t be afraid to let someone in when you realize you’ve slipped past healthy.

The Healthy Crush Isn’t Degrading

Sometimes you don’t harm yourself physically for a crush, but you can still harm your self-esteem and your spirit. If you have a crush on someone, don’t let yourself become anyone’s entertainment. A crush is an honest enough emotion, but when you allow people to mock you, make fun of you, or embarrass you in front of the guy thinking you’ll get his attention or be part of his circle of friends, you’re harming yourself. Be very aware of the people around you – some might try to use your crush to entertain themselves or to get something from you that benefits them in some way.

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Arvada, CO
Posted On: April 13, 2009
Naw, crushes were just a way to figure out what you liked in a boy. Now I know what I want, so I am more aware of a guy that meets my standards. But these are really good tips, I've known girls who get overly obsessive about crushes.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: April 13, 2009
I never really had crushes in school, I was normally always dating someone so there was no room for a crush to develope, lol.

I think a lot of it applies to boyfriends too.

Great Article!
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