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Best Christmas Movies of All Time @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Best Christmas Movies of All Time (Doll Article)

(December 08, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I swear the best thing about Christmas is the variety of movies I can pick from when Iím feeling a bit of holiday spirit. There are classics from every decade and in case youíre searching for the perfect Christmas movie to watch this weekend, Iíve compiled my list of favorites.

White Christmas

Why not start out with a true classic? Bing Crosby stars in the ultimate Christmas movie. Some of the most famous Christmas songs we know come from this film and itís a very ďfeel-goodĒ movie to watch. Every time I find it on television or pop in the DVD, I feel an overwhelming need to grab a thick blanket and a pint of ice cream so I can snuggle down and feel good about the world and everyone in it. Two ex-soldiers have formed a huge theater troupe and are bringing the show to their old generalís hotel in Vermont to help the retired manís business which is serious hurting. Thereís romance and fun. Itís just nice to watch.

ElfOn the flipside, a modern classic, Elf, is awesome. Itís funny, itís lighthearted and you canít help but laugh at Will Ferrell dressed as a giant elf. The man-sized elf just doesnít fit in at the North Pole and goes in search of where he really belongs Ė out in the real world that seems to be missing the holiday spirit Will thrives on.

Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation

A bit edgy for those who donít like strong language, Christmas Vacation is the tale of a man who hits a personal low when his boss delivers him a jelly of the month club membership instead of a Christmas bonus. Helped out by a truly crazy collection of family members, Chevy Chase is Clark Griswald, the hap-hap-happiest man on Christmas, ever Ė until Cousin Eddy arrives with his no-good, dirt-eating, inbred boss wrapped up in a big bow on Christmas Day.

The Christmas Story

Another great classic full of one-liners, The Christmas Story tells the tale of the little boy destined to shoot his eye out with a Red Ryder BB gun. Itís all he wants for Christmas and through many schoolyard and backyard adventures he works his way closer to gun-ownership over the course of the movie. With sexy leg lamps and demonic elves, this is one youíll always remember.

Love Actually

A lovely British film tells the tale of many different individuals of all ages as they cross paths during the Christmas season. There are plenty of stories to follow and some are much more meaningful than others Ė you can probably skip the guy who just wants an, um, American girlfriend. But excluding that one, you will likely have a tear in your eye at least once.

Other Holiday Movies You Might Want to Try

The Nightmare Before Christmas Ė A rather gothic presentation of Christmas with a bit of sweetness and light accompanied by a bit of ghoulish good fun.

Miracle on 34th Street Ė When Kris Kringle is put on trial to determine if he is insane, youíll start believing in Santa Claus all over again (as if you ever stopped!)

Home Alone Ė A little boy finds himself forgotten at home over Christmas. He does battle with two house thieves and causes plenty of laughs in the process.

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Posted On: December 13, 2008
Let's not forget Frosty™!
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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 13, 2008
Elf is on Sunday on Channell FOUR
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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 13, 2008
And I've just watched Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street yesterday.

Woop. (:
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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 13, 2008
Elf is on Sunday, Channel 5 (I think) for anyone in the UK.
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: December 12, 2008
Elf is amazing. And so is Love, Actually.

But my all time favorite will always be the original Rudolph.
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Posted On: December 12, 2008
Cute, i might watch these.

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