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Do You Read Enough? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Do You Read Enough? (Doll Article)

(November 10, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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If there was anything that slightly resembled a magic weapon in life, it would be your ability and (dare I say it?) love of reading. Just think of all the places that reading is necessary Ė you have to read all those questions on standardized tests, no matter the subject area. I swear the math tests have more reading than the reading tests sometimes. You have to read all those instructions to fill out college applications, and woe is you if you read it incorrectly. You have to read your textbook in classes both now and in the future to even have a chance of keeping up with the material and graduating.

Looking forward, youíll have to read all those business forms in your future occupation and youíll have to read government forms and instructions when its time to do your taxes. Youíll get your news by reading the newspaper and youíll have to read to even know how to apply for a new job (so that you can continue reading all those new business papers.) If youíre like most people our age, youíre groaning with just the thought of how tedious and boring all that reading is going to be.

But donít worry

If you like reading now and you keep reading for fun, youíll be able to handle all kinds of things as you age. A college textbook on sociology might sound like a horror story now, but after years of reading Meyer and Rowling books, youíll be a pro at reading long passages and youíll even understand what the textbook says because reading is the absolute best way to boost vocabulary across the board.

Read Anything New Lately?

Hereís the deal. If youíre like most kids, you hate to be told to do anything. I know that when a book is assigned to be read, I almost immediately hate it Ė purely on principle. (And yes, Iíve changed my mind a few times, but only a few.) The fact of the matter is most books that our teachers force us to read are literary classics and things that frankly arenít all that interesting in our own little universes. Beowolf? For Whom the Bell Tolls? Need I mention Jane Eyre?

Iím not saying those books are terrible. They wouldnít be classics if they were. But they are something you probably wouldnít pick out in your spare time. But consider how much more interested youíd be in a book if your teacher whipped out the latest novel on gods and goddesses battling each other in modern day New York (The Lightning Thief). Or perhaps a more modern classic that deals with things like rape and family secrets (Contents Under Pressure). Itís likely youíd be much more interested and be more willing to read the book instead of just buying the cliff notes. Your grades might improve, too.

Keep At It

I canít make your English teacher stop handing out long, rather dull books to read. But I can encourage you to keep finding books you like to read between all those novels. Read things you enjoy so that you can really get into the written word and improve your reading skills. Reading for fun will help you learn new words, figure out what things mean, read between the lines and even learn totally unrelated subjects Ė I swear Iíve learned a ton of Greek mythology from one series of books I enjoy.

Your ability to read well grows over time. It is the reading outside of class done for long stretches of time that helps you read better and faster. In short, reading for fun as often as possible Ė at least a few hours a week, makes you a better reader. So are you reading enough?

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 30, 2008
I used to read plenty...but sadly the library where I moved to is teeny-tiny. And buying books is something I'd love to do, if only there weren't so many other things to buy as a young married couple. I do have a few picked out though that I'm excited to get my hands on! Like some of Lisa See's books.
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