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It's Costume Time Again! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  It's Costume Time Again! (Doll Article)

(October 22, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It's officially October and that can mean only one thing it's time to break out the witch's hat! Halloween costumes get more fun every year. As you get older, you're able to make your own costume or get especially creative with props and accessories from the costume shop. Here are a few of my ideas for awesome costumes this Halloween.

Sarah Palin

Grab a figure flattering skirt suit, a hot pair of glasses and a killer pair of shoes. Wrap your hair up into a modern beehive and grab a briefcase. You’re good to go! If anyone tries to corner you on tricky political decisions, stuff a piece of candy in their mouths and run. If you have a guy friend, find him a McCain mask and a good suit. You can go out together as the Republican nominees. If you wanted to play the same game from the other side, I guess you could dress up as Obama, but then you’d have to skip the cool glasses.

Hannah Montana

Your younger sister is going dressed as Hannah Montana or at least one of her little friends is. I would love, love, love to see someone closed to adult-sized wearing a Hannah Montana costume. You get extra points if you sing a bit of her song at every house you visit. Just think of your fan club!

Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse is back in a big way, so it’s time we revisit our childhood. Become Minnie Mouse with her cute ears and pink and white polka-dotted skirt. You can carry a little basket for all of your treats and the toddler girls from all over the block will come by for an autograph. If Minnie Mouse isn’t fun enough, find your size in any of the Disney characters. Gold stars to anyone who goes as Ariel the Little Mermaid or Daisy Duck.

Vampire Victim

Vampires are old school. This year, you should become the vampire's victim for Halloween. Get fake blood (or red food coloring) and create a “bloody” mess on your neck. If you’re good with special effects, you can really do this one up. Dress normally, except you’ll want to wear a shirt you don’t care about anymore. To look real, the blood needs to seep onto your shirt, and it might even be a bit ripped. Keep your head turned so that people don’t see your neck until the last minute. Then watch them freak for a minute when they figure out what’s going on.


If you’re typically rather stylish or a “prep” as some might say, you might use Halloween to try out another style, such as something more “emo.” On the flipside, if you’re typically decked out in the more somber tones, take yourself to Hollister and grab the most preppy things you can find. If your best friend happens to wear the opposing style, the two of you can always just trade outfits for the day. When you arrive at a particular Halloween event, you’ll likely look pretty normal to most people, but to those who actually know you, you’ll be in the most hilarious and well-thought-out costume you could have chosen. Just remember to choose your costume respectfully – this is fun and games, not a chance to mock a group you’re not truly familiar with.

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Arvada, CO
Posted On: October 26, 2008
can I say boring?

Oh, I did.

If I see one person above the age of ten wearing Hannah Montana...No candy for them. I'm sorry, but she's even more overdone than Hilary Duff was, and she had her face on Visa Cards!

Grr...commercializat ion. My costumes tend to be more creative. One year, I went as a sparkler. Those sticks you light on fire and hold in your hand on the fourth of july? Yep, that was me.
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