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Too Old for Trick-or-Treating @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Too Old for Trick-or-Treating (Doll Article)

(October 24, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I have a hard time listening to friends talk about their Halloween plans. Not because Iím not into Halloween Ė I am, but because I donít always approve of what they are planning to do. For example, I firmly believe trick-or-treating is for little kids. Once you can drive yourself from house to house, itís time to move on to more grown-up activities. If youíre looking for fun this Halloween that is a bit more age appropriate, you have plenty of options. Some even earn you free candy!

Help Out with Trick-or-Treaters

If you canít go trick-or-treating yourself, you can still get in on the action by grabbing your friends, your favorite costume and helping out with a fire station, church, community center or even mall that has a special trick-or-treating event. More and more places are holding what amount to parties for kids to help keep them safe. Going door to door just isnít what it used to be.

When you take on the role of the candy passer-outer, you can have fun playing with the little kids who are still so impressed by the holiday and youíll also be able to pal around with your friends without feeling awkward ringing someoneís doorbell. Plus, helping out always feels good, and Iíd be willing to bet youíd be allowed to nibble on the treats youíre helping to distribute.

Try a Haunted House

Gather some friends and take a trip through one of the many haunted houses that are set up this time of year. A lot goes into some of these houses and they are pretty spooky. Others are just cheesy, and thatís actually a lot of fun, too. Scary or funny, haunted houses and other special Halloween events are a fun way to stay out of the way of little kids and have a good time with your friends, too.

Big Kid Trick-or-Treating

Make a pact with your friends ahead of time to prepare some special treats for Halloween. Then, gather together and do a modified trick-or-treating at your own houses. As you get to each house, you get to enjoy each special treat. You can make this simple and have the parent at home pass out candy to your friends, or you can make personalized treats like candy apples and cookies.

Another option is to make your big kid trick-or-treating more like a progressive dinner. In this option, your group of friends heads to one house for appetizers, the next for the main course, and the next for dessert and a scary movie. You get to wear costumes and eat a good meal, too.

Family Responsibility

Finally, if you just canít get away from trick-or-treating, you can take a laid back approach to the problem. Grab a younger sibling, cousin or even the sibling of a friend and take that child trick-or-treating. Dress in a costume and stand a bit behind the child youíre supervising while he rings the doorbell. Most will rightly assume youíre just there as a chaperone, but more than a few will toss some candy your way for being such a good sport. If all else fails, you can just grab the leftover candy from your own house and enjoy that this Halloween.

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Posted On: November 3, 2008
hi :icon 11: : icon7: :q 3: BOOM! :ic on10:
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Tega Cay, SC
Posted On: November 1, 2008
Nobodys everrrr to old for trick or treating.. I personally love going out every year with my friends
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Posted On: November 1, 2008
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Posted On: October 31, 2008
Your never to old to go trick or treating. I'm 18 nd i luv it. I take my daughter one night nd i go out the next wit my friends. i luv it nd so does my daughter
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Posted On: October 31, 2008
Trick or treating never gets old. Its the one time when you have an excuse for dressing up.

Of course, I do that all year long anyway.

Want a source of entertainment? In June, go to a bunch of peoples houses knocking on the door and saying 'trick or treat!'.

some actually give you candy.

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Houston, TX
Posted On: October 30, 2008
look im really 9 but go to hallwen partys dress up still i mean like get candy you dont have enjoy you know what i mean but li love i
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Columbus, OH
Posted On: October 27, 2008
omg all im 18 and i go trick or treating whats the big deal i mean like this is so dump
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Dallas, TX
Posted On: October 26, 2008
I'm a freshman and I still go trick or treating.

This year I'm taking lots of my friends.
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Posted On: October 25, 2008
I love Halloween... dressing up is my favorite part, and the candy is just blueberrys in the muffin, so, it's all good.

Although I'm not sure if I'm going trick-or-treating this year... I might feel stupid. I can just steal my some of my brothers candy though.

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Grangerland, TX
Posted On: October 25, 2008
I actually never really have done Halloween. Which is sad, so this year I'm gonna dress up as Raggedy Anne with a few friends and celebrate! You are never to old to still be a kid inside. I doubt I'm doing trick or treating but I will be going to a halloween party and a haunted hay ride.

Plus there is more to it than trick or treating. Carving pumpkins is fun! And making carmel apples are too! Plus all the candy is on sale afterwards which makes for great after halloween parties. Or so says my friends. I normally just go to movies because no one is there. Especially annoying kids who talk in the movies.
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Jacksonville, FL
Posted On: October 24, 2008
I agree with lizard_eye. My philosophy is that as long as you have a good costume and a good attitude, you can go. Luckily, this is my parents philosophy as well!
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Posted On: October 24, 2008
We don't have Halloween in Georgia, and I really wanted to experience it while in US, so I went trick-or treating with my friends. They used to say in front of parents and others that they're too old for that, but once I said I was going no matter what, they all joined me, because deep down they still wanted to do that.

It was soo exciting! My hos- sister refused to go and later she really regretted when we told her how much fun we had and I also got tons of candy LOL

At every single house people would say: aren't you guys too old for trick-or treating?! But then my friends would say: she's a foreigner and has never seen Halloween [except in the movies] and in a second everyone would turn into nice hosts

I did the haunted house too, it was awesome

and when I got back home, I organized a halloween party with my friends, we rented a night club for one night and everyone dressed up, it was fun, but trick-or treating was more fun
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 23, 2008

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Posted On: October 22, 2008
I agree with miranda... Kids quit knocking around eight. Then all the older kids go.

My dad says I'm not trick or treating this year. *sigh* But I'm still dressing up! I'll probably help my sibling trick or treat. And take some of thier candy too!

I'll be harley Quinn, What is everyone else being?
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Breckenridge, MN
Posted On: October 22, 2008
I trick or treating but not with my dad and lil sis.So i might go with my friends.Hopefully.
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