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Breaking Dawn: A Very Informal Review @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Breaking Dawn: A Very Informal Review (Doll Article)

(September 05, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Like vampires? I didnít. (No, Iím not kidding.) I really didnít care for any of the vampire lore until I read Twilight. I enjoyed the book and enjoyed New Moon even more. Then when Eclipse came out, I was angry when I finished it Ė I mean who ends a book that way? (If you donít know what Iím talking about, there is a huge cliffhanger that is totally aggravating.)

But regardless of my anger toward Stephenie Meyer, the author of the series, I waited just like everyone else to see what happened next. And now I know. (If you donít know yet, or just donít like spoilers in case you read Breaking Dawn later, donít read any more. Stop now. The rest of this contains spoilers.)

My Overall Impressions

The first three books were well-written with a great story line. The vampire and werewolf thing was a different twist on a love triangle, and Stephenie was so consistent it was easy to fall into her world of make-believe, especially since her world is so much like our own. To me, that is what makes the books especially good Ė they are 100% believable. Until the last one, that is.

Iíll admit it. I didnít like Breaking Dawn as much as I thought I would. Donít get me wrong, the story was good. I had always harbored hopes that Bella and Jacob would wind up together Ė I personally prefer tall, hot men to cold, hard ones, but she didnít ask me. So Bella actually married Edward. The honeymoon, however, is where things started to fall apart for me. I mean Ė a pregnancy that lasts only a matter of weeks? So much for believability.

Lost in Translation

I know there are many of you out there who will argue tooth and nail that the pregnancy part was totally believable, but I beg to differ. Iíve been around pregnant women and plenty of babies. I donít care if youíre a unique being or not, you have to follow at least one of the rules we learned in science class. So, Iíll readily admit I floundered for a bit during all the pregnancy parts. They felt almost silly at times.

But then, things finally started to pick up again. There is an emergency delivery, Bella dies and is reborn on the operating table, Jacob imprintsÖon Bellaís daughter. Then, at last, things came full circle for me. The rapid-fire pregnancy was necessary to make the love triangle fall into the right position. Now itís not a triangle Ė itís a square.

Bella and Edward are desperately in love (as shown through their hormones), and Jacobís infatuation with Bella is finally resolved through his infatuation with her rapidly aging daughter.

Back on Track

From here on out the book was back on track. We learn of the impending visit from the enemy and the plot starts moving in Meyerís normal way. There is heartbreak and worry. There is adrenaline and laughter. Finally, there is an ending that we can all be satisfied with Ė a relief after the horrible cliffhanger in New Moon. Itís possible however, that some of you feel there was just a bit too much of a good thing there at the end Ė itís possible, but I think any love story series this good needs a solid, happy ending, and it has one.

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Union, KY
Posted On: September 9, 2008
I just have a question.DOES EDWARD FRIGGIN TURN BELLA????HE SHOULD!!!!GAWD!!!!
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Posted On: September 9, 2008
I've heard all about Breaking Dawn. The people I know say it su'cked. I don't know about any of the books, so I can't tell anyone what I think this time. xP
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Weirton, WV
Posted On: September 9, 2008
I can't stand the Twilight series, Bella is clearly a self-insert character. I've never read the series, but from what I've heard she's a total whinge and goes completely batcrazy when Edward leaves and tries to kill herself JUST to hear his name; that's really unrealistic! Plus, he lets her tag along.

Plus, he's a vegetarian vampire. What. The. Heck. THERE'S NO SUCH THING!!!

You want a real vampire series? Read the Anne Rice novels. Now. XD
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Bahamas, The
Posted On: September 8, 2008

anyway. i think that breaking dawn seemed like a badly written fan fic.

i'm writing a what if thing of breaking dawnso if anyone was to read it PM me ^^

anyway i think that it is really bad. its too perfect for everyone. well except for irina, but we all knew that was coming anyway.
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