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Palin – the Future of America? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Palin – the Future of America? (Doll Article)

(September 03, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There is a quite a buzz about John McCain’s selection as a running mate in the next presidential election. When Hilary dropped out of the race and let Barack Obama take the Democratic nomination, everyone assumed women were out of the race, at least this time around. It was not to be.

Within hours of Obama’s stirring acceptance speech, the Republicans (who generally oppose the Democrats, of course) dropped a bomb. John McCain would have a woman as his vice presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin

In the world of politics, it doesn’t get much more real that Sarah Palin. She’s the pick for the Republican vice president and before you tune out completely with the thought of politics, hear what this woman brings to the table.

Sarah Palin was a beauty queen. She earned a bit of money back in her heyday to pay for some college. With her updo and funky glasses, she’s still a very attractive woman.

Sarah Palin shoots guns. A regular tough girl, Sarah Palin knows how to shoot and does it well. She can even handle an M-16.

Sarah Palin did drugs. Ms. Palin readily admits that she smoked marijuana. Of course, when she did it, she was doing it legally. She lived in Alaska and pot was once legal there.

Sarah Palin has five children. Her oldest is almost twenty and her youngest is only four months of age. Not only is he still a baby, he was born with Downs Syndrome. This is a disability that would make some mothers abort the pregnancy, but not Mrs. Palin – she is an avid supporter of all births and is against abortion.

Sarah Palin’s going to be a grandmother. If you read about her children above, you’ll notice that they are all teenagers or children. That means her teenage daughter, aged seventeen, is going to make the possible future-vice president a grandmother. (No, she’s not married – yet.)

Sarah Palin beat a corrupt system to become governor of Alaska and has cleared out as much corruption in the government as she can find. She’s also a member of the PTA at her children’s schools.

The Future of America?

There are strong reactions to Palin. Some are eager to see her on the ticket and suddenly much more interested in the campaigns and election. After all, this is a woman who could be almost any mother today. Her daughter is pregnant as a teenager, her son will likely need special care his whole life, yet she plows ahead with her family behind her for support quietly doing what needs to be done.

Others are more skeptical of Palin. She might not be the best candidate for the job, and many suspect she was chosen to try and woo over Hillary supporters (as if they couldn’t tell one woman from another.) This group is especially nervous as Senator McCain is already 72 years of age to Palin’s 44. Should McCain not be able to stay president during his term (if he wins, of course), Palin would take over becoming the first woman president.

Only one thing is certain – this election just got a whole lot more interesting.

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Posted On: September 9, 2008
I actually really like that woman.

It was a good move from McCain to pick her.

I'm a Republican, and that was a very non-traditional thing to do. Which I liked.

I would be proud to have her as my vice-president, or maybe even president ;]
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Weirton, WV
Posted On: September 9, 2008
Something about her rubs me the wrong way, personally; the fact that she says her pregnant daughter is doing "the right thing" by marrying the dad of the kid is completely off base. That kind of marriage almost never works out. -.-
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 8, 2008
It's not that we think people can't tell the difference between Hillary and Palin, it's just that there are women out there who think a women could get the job done better, whether Republic or Democrat they don't care.

And anyways I think she's too young to be vice president...I mean it's a little odd he chose her is all.
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