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Are You a Brat? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Are You a Brat? (Doll Article)

(August 10, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I’ll readily admit that I’m a brat. I even have my own collection of brat friends, cleverly called Bratz. Thanks to these fun dolls, I wasn’t just resigned to playing with my Barbies. Once I reached a certain age, Bratz opened an entire new world of fashion, cool games, attitude and slightly hokey movies. I think this revelation calls for a slightly hokey quiz! Which Brat are you?


Nicknamed the Pretty Princess, Yasmin is pretty quiet, but is obviously something special. She is a little bit shy around new people, but is really very open-minded. She is sometimes labeled a bit snobby because she’s so pretty and reserved, but she’s really not.

Yasmin loves girly books, especially ones with happy endings and likes to keep things funky and offbeat – she likes clothes that are kind of alternative and likes her music that way, too. She’s got a passion for writing and loves all kinds of ethnic foods.


Are you ready for Bunny Boo? Sasha is opinionated and not afraid to tell the world what she thinks. She knows who she is and what she wants, and she also will put herself out there to get it – even if it’s almost out of reach. Sasha is brave and daring and helps others come out of their shell to try new things and experience life in a new way.

Sasha might love clothes, but she loves music even more. Unlike everyone else, though, Sasha doesn’t want to sing. She wants to produce the kinds of music she likes. Always looking for inspiration, Sasha likes to read biographies of famous people and likes comedies with a bit of an edge to them. She loves hip-hop and has the moves to go with the tunes.


Jade is one Kool Kat. She likes foreign films and sushi, but really loves to spend time with her friends looking for great new clothes. Jade is always on the cutting edge of fashion and pays attention to what’s new from major designers. She’s the one who knows the best way to wear items to make a statement. She shops boutiques and thrift stores, but shuns department stores on principle.

Jade isn’t one for novels or even books. She prefers to flip through the fashion magazines instead. Even her favorite artist, Gwen Stefani, is known for her style as much as her music. Jade is totally immersed in the style world and lives for whatever is new, quirky and fantastic.


Cloe is the athlete of the bunch with a winning way on the soccer field. But even with all that grace and charm in action, Cloe tends to be just a wee bit clumsy when she’s just trying to get through the day. Cloe loves life, however, and is always seeking to record it by taking pictures and filming her friends.

Blessed with a vivid imagination, Cloe can get carried away, but she surrounds herself with good friends who help her stay grounded when she needs to be. Of course, she is an Angel and doesn’t need to always keep her feet on the ground – why else would she like epic movies and mysteries in her spare time?

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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 13, 2008
None of us are Bratz unless we walk around with eyes the size of Texas and thighs like a horse, thank you very much.

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Panama City, FL
Posted On: August 12, 2008
am yasmin and Sasha
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Philadelphia, PA
Posted On: August 12, 2008
I'm none of them, really.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 12, 2008
I'm not a brat.


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Lebanon, TN
Posted On: August 12, 2008
I love my Bratz dolls ^_^ lol
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: August 11, 2008
I supposed if I had to pick, I'd be Yasmin. Foreign foods? Interestingly off-beat clothing?

Well, I'd say that's close to what I am. And my playlist full of randomly obscure artists no one else knows helps too.

But I don't really care much for them. They don't have noses, and some of the dolls are very, very sl.utty.
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Posted On: August 11, 2008
I'm Yasmin, eh?


Except the food, that's just... Wierd.

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Union, KY
Posted On: August 11, 2008
I'm actually Sasha >.>
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Canton, NC
Posted On: August 11, 2008
I'm none of the Bratz...
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Posted On: August 11, 2008
I'm none of them.

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