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What’s Wrong with Your Wardrobe? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  What’s Wrong with Your Wardrobe? (Doll Article)

(July 30, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Have you ever watched those fashion shows that do a complete style makeover on someone? I’ll admit I love them. I love to see fashion experts ripping into people, letting them know once and for all that pleats are a bad thing and a great purse is a must-have. Now, I’m not mean-spirited, by any means. I also love to watch the shows because everyone looks so happy at the end of them – a total life transformation and all that.

My Secret

Of course, my real secret for watching the fashion shows about real people is because I want to get advice from the fashion experts. I watch and I wait for the one episode that has someone with a body and hair like mine. Then I lap up the advice as if it were being given directly to me. Dark jeans? Check. Emphasize narrow waist? Check.

Fashion Dos and Don’ts

It makes me wonder though how we used to make ourselves look good before Stacey, Clinton and all the other style experts came around to show us how it was done. Of course there are fashion magazines. These are only helpful in small batches though as they have to cover every shape in every issue. You know what I mean – find the perfect jeans for your body or whatever.

Some people just seem to have a gift for style. They can walk into a thrift store and pull together a cool and funky look that goes perfectly together and fits them like a dream. I’ll admit I’m the one who just buys a t-shirt because I’m terrified of how I’d look in retro-anything. Regardless, it seems like every time I watch a new episode I learn something new. Do you already know all these little pointers?

Avoid Pleated Pants – Pleated pants are something your grandfather might wear if he didn’t know they make everyone look really weird – wide hips and triangular legs.

Skip Skinny Jeans – Unless your legs really are very tall and skinny, you don’t need skinny jeans. The 1% of the population than can wear them look great. The rest of us seem to have oddly shaped legs that are much shorter than they are in real life, especially if you tuck your skinny jeans into big boots.

Ultra Low Rise Pants Are Probably a No – Not only do ultra low rise pants give everyone a full thong shot if you bend down an inch, they also make your legs look really short, especially with flat shoes like ballet slippers or flip flops.

Black’s Not Slimming – This is a rule for older folks, for the most part, but black is not really slimming unless you wear it correctly. A black jacket that fits you correctly can make you look trimmer, as can well fitting black pants. But head to toe black is just goth or emo.

Skim the Body, Don’t Stick to It – Clothes should skim the body, not bond to it as they were pasted on. You can show your shape without showing every inch of it through your shirt and pants.

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Posted On: July 30, 2008
I love watching the fashion shows, just so I can make fun of the so called, "Fashion Experts". Every one of them think that the only way to look good and feel good about yourself is to dress like everyone else does. Which is total craap in my opinion. If what your wearing makes you feel confident and pretty, (as long as it's not super revealing) then it doesn’t matter what the “Fashion Experts” say about it.

Oh, and just because you like to wear all black, it doesn’t mean your “gothic” or “emo”. Those are just stupid labels some idiot came up with.

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