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  The Host (Doll Article)

(June 08, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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As a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse Series, I was surprised to see a new book by Mrs. Meyer on the shelf when making a routine pass through the bookstore. I guess she gave Edward and Jacob time to cool off or just wanted to stay very busy, but she’s written a new science fiction book, The Host.

Naturally, I grabbed a copy to check it out, and to kill a bit of time until Breaking Dawn is released on August 2nd. If you’re jotting down dates, you can put December 12, 2008 on the calendar as well – the Twilight movie will be released that day (Hurray!).

But aside from distracting myself from Bella’s love triangle, I was intrigued by the Host. Before you rush out to grab your own copy, you should realize that it is technically a novel written for adults – and there are no vampires. Aliens - yes, but gorgeous hunks of cold love? Nope! But if your parents agree that you’re ready for it, The Host is an excellent way to wait for the final installment of Eclipse.

The Basic Story

Melanie is one of the last remaining humans on Earth. Oh, there are human bodies still up and running, but the bodies are simply hosts for aliens. These aliens aren’t little green men; they are virtually invisible souls that can affix in any living organism. Earth was taken over almost silently by the invaders, but when the “wild” humans realized what was happening, a resistance formed.

Melanie was one of the last wild humans, and she was captured after a desperate struggle. One of the strongest invaders, Wanderer, was placed into Melanie after her body was healed from her failed suicide attempt. Wander was warned that humans are hard to inhabit as they are so emotional, but nobody was prepared for how hard Melanie would be.

Normally human souls of the host humans are suppressed by the invader, but Melanie refuses to let go. Her body is inhabited by her own spirit – and that of the alien Wanderer.

The Fight

Wanderer is charged with using Melanie’s memories to find the last pockets of human resistance - including her love and her younger brother. But Melanie has thrown her heart and soul into protecting them with her mind. She’s fighting the alien presence in her mind and winning.

Soon Wanderer finds herself seeing the man Melanie loves in her dreams and her waking hours. Melanie’s thoughts and emotions are becoming her own. The two fighting so viciously inside Melanie’s body soon find themselves in love with the same man – and at war with outside forces.

Wanderer is among the most respected of her kind. Only she was thought to have the strength to win out over the “reluctant host.” But soon it becomes clear that things are not so simple. Who will win? Melanie, who’s fighting for her soul and very existence? Wanderer, who’s trying to do her job and find peace in her host? Or love which has no boundaries – and no rules.

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Zionsville, IN
Posted On: June 11, 2008
I am a fan of sci-fi but...Though I'm as eager as the next girl to read Breaking Dawn I'm hesitant to read The Host. Stephanie Meyer is okay at writing Vampire! stories but I'm not sure I could take her seriously outside of that context. Her novels are kind of fluffy. Good. But fluffy.

I will get my sci-fi from Orson Scott Card and Charles DeLint, thanks.

Good Article though.

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Posted On: June 11, 2008
Sounds, interesting?

I'm not a big fan on science fiction books.

So, this does not sounds too intriguing.. I'm sure alot of other people will like it, though ;]

Good article.

Oh, first to post! Haha.
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