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  Kissing (Doll Article)

(May 17, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Itís fun to think about and even more fun to practice, but kissing has a long history of scandal and romance. Just think about how many kisses there are and how scandalous it once was to show a bare ankle or knee, much less lock lips in public. Today most kissing hardly warrants a second glance, unless youíre trying to remove your boyfriendís tonsils on a park bench or by his locker, but kissing is much more than a covert activity reserved for dark movie theatres. Itís culture!

Air Kisses

The least romantic kind of kiss is the air kiss. When you air kiss, you simply make that ďmmm-wahĒ sound right next to a friendís cheek, usually on both sides, and say something breezy like, ďItís been fabulous darling, but I simply have to run! Mmm-wah!Ē Air kissing happens quite a bit in some cultures where itís tradition and others where women simply donít want to mess their lipstick up.

Cheek Kissing

A favorite of stinky aunts everywhere, kissing on the cheeks is a respected greeting between relatives and friends around the globe. In many countries, it would be considered rude not to greet an aunt or cousin with a kiss on both cheeks. Be sure that your cheek kiss is a quick peck and there is no slobber involved. To slobber on anotherís cheek is not in good form in any country Ė unless youíre a baby giving those funny open mouth kisses.

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly kisses are so great there is even a weepy country song about them. To give someone butterfly kisses, both parties close their eyes and you bat your eyelashes quickly against the other personís cheek. These are very innocent and fun. They are a favorite of children and parents at bedtime, especially if sappy songs are to be believed.

Eskimo Kisses

The name might not be politically correct any more, but everyone must know how to give an Eskimo kiss. Eskimo kisses are adorable ways to greet nieces and nephews or just to be coy with your boyfriend. To give an Eskimo kiss, you gently run the tip of your nose against the tip of someone elseís. This is a good time to not be wearing heavy concealer on the zit on the tip of your nose, however.

Simple Kisses

A simple kiss is considered chaste and in good form. In school circles itís commonly called a ďclosed mouth kiss.Ē A fast peck on the lips can be appropriate for your mom before bedtime or for your boyfriend between classes Ė especially if PDA (public display of affection) is outlawed on campus. Simple kisses can run a bit longer than a peck and when this happens they are often considered terribly romantic because this is the style of most wedding kisses and first kisses. And what is more romantic than that?

French Kissing

Anything that involves opening your mouth and using your tongue is a French kiss. Like French fries, Iím going to wager that most of the French kissing you see in (and at) movies as well as in the hallways before school was invented in America. While there are schools of thought on this that vary from mine, anything that even resembles tongue or spit swapping is your business. Please donít make it mine (or anyone elseís for that matter.)

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: May 20, 2008
I disagree about how the air kisses are the least romantic. My husband and I give them to each other when he's driving out of the driveway off to work. I sit in the window, wave good bye and give lots of air kisses. It's also romantic to recieve across the room...of course it's NOT romantic when the person giving the air kiss is not your boyfriend/husband, but just some perv.

We're also cat people so we like to gently "butt heads" like our cats do to us when they're showing us affection. And snarfling too, when you rub you face against his in one smooth stroke.

OH and you forgot the most romantic kisses! The kiss on the hand and forehead! (Those are my favorites)

Nice Article btw.
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Posted On: May 19, 2008
Or not..
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Posted On: May 19, 2008
Haha, good article :]

First to comment ^ ^
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Posted On: May 19, 2008
Hmmm.... Kissing. I don't think kissing someone more then an Eskimo kiss is such a good idea. I don't like kissing. *Blechk*

Neat-o article tho!

~Emo Dudet!


This is new to me. So bewARE the happy dance.
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