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Curly Hair, Straight Hair @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Curly Hair, Straight Hair (Doll Article)

(April 24, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Why is it that we are never satisfied with the hair we have? Girls with curly hair want straighteners, and those with straight hair have been known to bring out the curlers, or worse, the perm. Is this a simple case of the ďgrass is always greener on the other sideĒ or is there something more complex going on? Ah, can anything really be that complex with hair? We just want to look good!

Modern Hairstyles

If you look back in time, youíll see that hair has always been a defining accessory for women and girls. In the twenties there were bobs and pixie cuts. In the fifties, hairstyles were heavily lacquered and discrete. In the sixties, big hair hit the world in a big way and the seventies brought us sleek, straight dos. In the eighties, big hair came back, but this time we had it permed, poofed, and curled. The nineties tamed things down a bit until everyone wanted to look like Jennifer Aniston, and now we have Ė just hair?

There is not a single defining look these days, and in all honesty there wasnít a single defining look for any time period. Like anything, diversity is key to hairstyles and the sheer number of popular styles accommodates all kinds of fashion and hair types. Straight hair is definitely in as is curly. Long hair is hot and so is short. If you have curls or waves, you should let them go wild. If you have straighter hair, get it flat as a board using a straightener to be sure you look edgy and fresh.

Choosing a Hairstyle

Your hairstyle should have a lot to do with your personal style, your activities and the time and energy youíre willing to dedicate to your look every morning. If you have board straight hair, but want curls, youíre looking at an hour or two or curling and setting every morning. If you have extremely curly hair, but want it straight, you need a very good straightener and a few friends to help you get it all flat for you.

If you have hair thatís anywhere in between, you have more options. If your hair just has some wave, you can straighten it out in no time in the morning, and on days when youíd rather be loose and carefree, you can use curl enhancers to bring out the waves. Look at your hair type and how thick it is before electing a hair cut, after all, the wrong haircut might be something youíre stuck with for a very long time.

Get a Consultation

If youíre not sure what sort of hairstyle is right for you, why not go to a professional and ask? Unless your mom has a great stylist, you can skip that studio, and find a young, hip hair stylist instead. Look for someone that has a cut you think is fun and ask for a consultation before a cut. Then talk to the pro about how much time you have in the mornings, the kinds of looks you really like and if you need to be pulling your hair back all the time for sports or other activities.

The professional stylist will be able to look at your hair type, face shape and consider all your other factors in a matter of minutes and tell you what sort of style is a good idea and what is not. Remember, you may love your best friendís new do, but unless youíre twins, it just might not work on you. Find inspiration and then get some advice. When youíre ready, go ahead and get whatever cut you want - there is nothing holding you back from any style (expect maybe your mother.)

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San Jose, CA
Posted On: April 26, 2008
i hate my wavy hair cuz i always have to do somthin to it either straighten it or curl it and it sucks when my hair gets wet
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Posted On: April 26, 2008
I have super curly hair. it was really hard to take care of so i got it cut. now its only about 7 inches. I love it like this, even if i look like that girl off greese
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Lundys Lane, PA
Posted On: April 26, 2008
I have curly hair. I hate it! D;
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