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Survive the Rest of the School Year @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Survive the Rest of the School Year (Doll Article)

(April 14, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I have bad news. Unless you are in a school with an unusual setup or have a teacher work-day in the near future, you are stuck in school for the rest of the year. Normally we get Spring Break early in the spring, and then Easter gives us another day or two of vacation a few weeks later. This year, with Easter so early, we wonít be seeing a vacation until after final exams when summer blessedly arrives.

Start the Countdown

This is the time of year that we inevitably start the countdown to the end of the year. Exactly how many days you have left in your school year depends on where you are, but most of us have about 10 weeks left give or take. Thatís really not very long when you think about it. 10 weeks is about fifty school days. Unfortunately, Iíd also be willing to bet that a lot of school work will be happening in those fifty days.

Keep Up the Effort

Think back to the first days of school when you were bright and ready to learn. Try and create that same enthusiasm now. Or if you were never enthusiastic, just fake it. If you think happy thoughts youíll actually feel happier and be able to work more effectively, so stay focused on the good stuff and be proud when youíre successful on a test or quiz. Do your homework, try and stay focused on lectures and donít get too distracted by your friends.

Keep a Low Profile

You might be grumpy that you have to sit in class for the rest of the year, but your teachers are not thrilled with the idea either. Not only do they still have to teach every day, but they must teach a group of students who would rather be anywhere but there and who might not be doing much of their assigned work. Your teachers are going to just get tenser as the weeks roll by, so you should do everything you can to fly under the radar. Donít call attention to yourself in a negative way and donít hang around those who do. You never know when your teacher might snap and you donít want to be caught in the explosion.

Focus on Other Things

Itís amazing how quickly time speeds up when youíre not thinking about it. The more focused you are on other things, the less time and brain power youíll have to devote to how long the school year is taking. Find a crush to obsess about or join the cast for the spring musical. Maybe you can even do both and theyíll make a movie about it someday.

Change Your Attitude

If I were to tell you there are only ten weeks left of school, youíd groan thinking how long ten weeks feel. If I were to tell you there are only ten weeks left before you leave all of your old friends behind and start a brand new school, those ten weeks would seem way to short. In fact, they would seem like hours flying by, not weeks. If school is starting to drag, just think of the things youíll be leaving behind when itís over. Youíll probably miss having the locker next to the resident hottie, and what if your friends arenít in your same lunch next year? Focus on what makes this year special and just enjoy the time you have left.

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Brookhaven, PA
Posted On: April 15, 2008
7 weeks left before summer for me i going to myterl beach but then i wont see my bf

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United Kingdom
Posted On: April 15, 2008
I have next week (middle of APRIL) to the middle of JULY to last with only a one week holiday!!!


Rhiannon x, LolziloL
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United Kingdom
Posted On: April 15, 2008
I Live In The UK

So We Bascially Get A Break For EVERYTHING

Infact, I Still On Break--Well Since I Go To Uni, I Revise At The Libary Like Everyday!!

Good Article

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Weston, MO
Posted On: April 14, 2008
We've only got (barely) six weeks left.

We get no spring break.

We hardly get a winter break.

But I think it's worth it.
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Staten Island, NY
Posted On: April 14, 2008
lol... i actually have a break next week, i didnt get one for easter. it kinda stunk. but it's n ice haveing one now right before the huge workload of work that i know's coming. good tips tho

=] katie
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