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The Missing Barbies @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Missing Barbies (Doll Article)

(April 10, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I have plenty of Barbies and I’ve played Barbie games my whole life. I’m not even ashamed to admit I still pull out my old dolls every now and again just for kicks. But I’ve always wondered something about my Barbie collection, and I’m reasonably sure most other girls have been curious from time to time, too. Where are the missing Barbies?

The Other Barbies

If you look back through the generations of Barbie games and dolls, you’ll see that there are literally hundreds of different types of Barbie dolls. Granted, the Christmas special edition Barbies number over fifty already. But Christmas Barbies aside, I’m still waiting to see a Barbie that doesn’t look so pretty, blonde and happy. Like I said, I have a huge stash of Barbies, but I won’t be adding anything new to my collection until I can have one of the following:

Bald Barbie – Why does Barbie always have such long flowing locks of hair? Sure, they come in different colors these days, but I have yet to see a Bald Barbie. Just think of how much fun you could have if you could buy a Bald Barbie and then outfit her with wigs or just admire the tattoo she has on the side of her head.

Emo Barbie – Barbie always looks happy. I think we all know this is just a front for her true emotions. After all, she and Ken did split after decades together and Barbie’s had more than a few other girls try and take her spot as the prettiest and most fashionable girl on the block.

If that happened to one of us, who’s to say we’d just take it on the chin and stay beautiful and fashionable? I for one might get a bit emotional. I might display my dark emotions through my wardrobe, music and make-up. And I think Barbie would do the same. Blonde and cheerful? No more – I want to see Emo Barbie.

Pregnant Barbie – We’ve seen Barbie’s wedding and we’ve seen Barbie’s dream house. We’ve also seen Barbie as a working mother of adorable little children. So why, I ask you, do we not get to see the nine months in between? Just think of how many new clothing options there would be for Pregnant Barbie. You can acquire an entire maternity line of clothing for an eight inch doll.

Full-Figured Barbie - My all-time favorite wish is to see Barbie lose that fabulous figure of hers that can never be achieved in real life and take on a more common shape. If more than half of the adults out there are overweight, why does Barbie never have a weight problem? She has a dream kitchen but I don’t ever see her on a dream treadmill, so who’s to say she’s not going to suffer from a bit of middle aged spread now that she’s over the hill?

I think it makes sense to make Barbie games appropriate for all audiences. If I am most comfortable playing with a doll that has a bit more meat on her bones, I should have that option. Bring on a Full-Figured Barbie!

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Posted On: April 10, 2008
When I was little my favorite barbie had no head. I pulled it off and threw it over my fence to a dog. I carried that headless thing everywhere.. It freaked out all the other girls though..

Anyways, I like your ideas, even though no little girl would wanna play with an emo or bald barbie.

The barbie's I've seen THIS year are awful. clothes, very very high heels, you name it. I don't think a little girl should even have to look at that cr.ap.

But that's just my opinion.
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Posted On: April 10, 2008
I still have my old barbies- and it would be pretty awesome to have an emo barbie..

But let's face it, little girls aren't all about eye liner and skulls; their about lace and fairy wands, and things like that.

Now if TEENAGERS liked Barbies, then I think the entire emo, and bald barbie would work.

But not with little 5 year olds who dream of princesses and kittens every night.
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Netherlands, The
Posted On: April 10, 2008
Although I have thought about the full-figure barbie myself before I've read this, I know they won't ever make one. Just like the other ones you think of (I'm not such a fan of a emo-barbie or a bald one, but it is still orginal) they just won't make them

That is because Barbie is 'the dream of little girls', and little girls aren't supposed to dream to be emo, bald, and we also suspect them to be skinny (unbelieveble, that at such young age we already tell little girls how they are supposed to look like).

I don't like Barbies that much anymore (mostly because of the too perpect body and 'pushing' girls to be fashionista's), but she's still better than the other dolls they have these days. I hate the Brats dolls (or whatever they are called). Mostly because of the one time a looked at the serie, and saw that it we're just sl*ts (sorry for this). When I looked at the dolls these days, I think it look like people want girls to be sl*ts...
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