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Green is My Lucky Color @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Green is My Lucky Color (Doll Article)

(March 17, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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If I had a lucky color, it would have to be green. I love the way it makes my hair look and how bright and cheerful it is. Even dark greens look good thanks to my hazel eyes, but wardrobe aside, I love green most of all on March 17 Ė Saint Patrickís Day.

St. Patrickís Day

Of course there is a terrific history of the holiday stretching back hundreds of years, but who cares about all of that? We just like to pinch our friends! Actually, I do care about history before anyone alerts any teachers, but why talk about history when we can talk about traditions?

St. Paddyís Traditions

There are different traditions for the holiday everywhere it is celebrated. But the seemingly universal traditions are the green wardrobe, a rather festive party, a few parades and a pinch or two for those not wearing green. St. Patrickís Day is actually a religious holiday in Ireland celebrated on the feast day devoted to the saint who drove the snakes out of Ireland.

When the Irish came to America, it became a show of pride in the Irish traditions and way of life. Today itís a fun occasion for everyone, regardless of heritage.


Green is the traditional color of Ireland with its rolling green hills and lush landscape. To celebrate being (or pretending to be) Irish, naturally you have to look the part. This means you wear green. If you happen to forget your green, youíll get pinched. After the first assault, you can find a green sticker, draw something green on yourself, or do what I do Ė just claim my underwear is green and hope nobody needs proof.


The clover, or shamrock, is a sign of the coming of spring as is actually considered a lucky plant by the ancient Celts of Ireland. The shamrock became a symbol of being Irish and having national pride in the seventeenth century when the English started taking control of the land and people.


Believe it or not, leprechauns have nothing to do with Saint Patrickís Day. They came from a movie released by Walt Disney in 1959. The original leprechauns were the shoe menders for other fairies in Celtic legend and were generally rather grumpy minor characters in stories. Smiling, happy leprechauns are a pure American invention, but donít we just love them?


The parades we see on St. Patrickís Day are some of the largest civilian parades in the world. The parades have always been a proud march of citizen celebrating their heritage and the numbers involved in each cityís parade have grown considerably over time. The annual parade in New York City has over 150,000 participants.

The Party

In Ireland of old, St. Patrickís Day was celebrated by attending church in the morning and putting Lenten rules on hold and feasting in the evening. Today most people donít attend church, but the party still holds true. This party is the source of green beer and Irish food. I canít do the beer, but I can certainly do the food.

So what did you do this St.Patrick's Day?

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Posted On: March 20, 2008
AWSOME!!! First to Comment! (Wow, that's never happened before...) Anyway, this article is soooooo interesting. I didn't know bananas about st p's day and now i do!! Yay!!
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Posted On: March 20, 2008
Cool article
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