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  One Tree Hill (Doll Article)

(March 07, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Not much is said about one of the more entertaining dramas on television these days. I’m a big fan of One Tree Hill – and I know there are more fans out there. Like any good drama there are twists and turns and more than a few bumpy romances. Marriages are made and might break up, and old romances start to take life again. Season Five of One Tree Hill is well underway, and I’m certainly tuned in.

Four Years Later

If you watched the show last year, you might have been pleasantly surprised to find that the latest season doesn’t just pick up where the other left off – it starts four years later. I for one love this. I hate not knowing how things turn out, so jumping ahead four years is great fun. Now we know what happened to Lucas, Peyton, Brooke and the happy couple, Haley and Nathan, who aren’t so happy anymore.


Lucas is a big hearted kind of guy who was jerked around by his father, but still managed to bond with his half-brother Nathan. His best friend, Haley, actually married his brother and Lucas is caught in quite a few romantic entanglements of his own. He’s dated both Peyton and Brooke, who happen to be best friends, but ended both relationships. Now he’s dating his editor, Lindsay, but things don’t look so romantic when Peyton moves back to town.


Nathan is a basketball player whose talent brought him accolades and fame. That is, he was a terrific player until a bar fight prior to this season left him almost paralyzed and out of the basketball scene forever. Nathan is married to Haley and has a young son, Jamie, but he is at risk of losing his family if he can’t get his act together. Not only that, but Jamie’s nanny is trying to break up Nathan’s marriage – as if he needed help.


Peyton is a soul struggling to find greater meaning in her life. She loves punk music and art and having ended her relationship with Lucas somewhere before this season, Peyton is now lonely in LA. She and her best friend Brooke get together and decide to move back to Tree Hill – only to find that Lucas is on the verge of getting engaged.


Haley is used to struggles and worrying. She’s struggled in her relationship with Nathan over the years, and the struggles continue. Now she’s teaching, being a mother to her son Jamie and doing her best to keep her marriage together – despite the fact that the new nanny is trying her hardest to break it apart.


Brooke has found tremendous success with her clothing line, Clothes Over Bro’s, but finds she’s just not happy with her life until she returns to Tree Hill. She takes a closed café and turns it into a retail outlet of her clothing line, moves into a new home with her best friend Peyton and watches the drama unfold around her.

Let’s Go Another Round

Like many shows, One Tree Hill was affected by the writer’s strike this year. There were supposed to be twenty-two episodes, but only twelve were developed before the strike. Now the producers are pushing to get six more episodes completed, but I think the fans deserve more. I insist they take this to Season Six, just so I can get my fill of the drama and angst. Oh, and the rest of you can watch, too.

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San Marcos, CA
Posted On: March 8, 2008
hmmm... I've never really been interested in it, but good article!
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Willowick, OH
Posted On: March 8, 2008
2nd i think

Ity does sound good,i may watch it now
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Posted On: March 8, 2008
Whoa, first to commento.

I've never actually SEEN One Tree Hill, but it sounds good.

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