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Have Your Very Own Valentine's Day @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Have Your Very Own Valentine's Day (Doll Article)

(February 10, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There is no rule that Valentine’s Day is only for happy little couples who sicken the rest of us by smooching in the halls and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes over cafeteria hamburgers. If you don’t have a bit of romance this Valentine’s Day – don’t worry about it. I’m a firm believer that holidays such as this are a lot more fun stag than trying to be sure you’re meeting everyone’s criteria of “suitably romantic.” And just who gets to tell you how to show love anyway?

Here’s an idea of two of how to have your very own Valentine’s Day with or without a boyfriend!

Throw an Anti-Romance Party

If all the happy couples are off being in love somewhere, invite all the happy not-couples over for a bit of seasonal fun. Bake cookies and cupcakes and let everyone decorate their own with brown, black and grey frosting. Break the little candy hearts in two and be sure to have plenty of licorice and black jelly beans around. Tell everyone to skip the pink, red and white. Dark colors are in order on the day of anti-romance.

Do something anti-romantic that night as well. Take everyone to a horror movie or tell horror stories of your own about ex boyfriends. Pull out pictures of your exes and burn them (very carefully of course!) Have your own battle of the bands while you listen to the most depressing break-up and love songs you know and have everyone vote on the best, worst, and cheesiest.

Have a Stag Night

If you’re a bit miffed about not going out for a bit of romantic fun, get your girls together and go out anyway. Dress up and head off to where the couples are – stag. Stag is an older word meaning you’re going without a date. Usually you go by yourself, but in this case, all of your single girlfriends can go stag together. Get a big group together and head to a restaurant where you can watch all the couples trying to be romantic while you laugh and tell stories about how great the single life is.

Then head to a friend’s house or club if you’re old enough and dance the night away with anyone you want to. After all – you’re not restricted to the guy you’re dating. You’re free as a bird and the whole world should know it!

Have a Weep Night

Try as you might, sometimes Valentine’s Day just drags you down. If you’d like to have a bit of a cry and just feel sorry for yourself, go ahead. Order a pizza and grab a bowl of your favorite frozen yogurt while you crawl onto the couch with your pillows and blankets. Pop in or order one, two, or ten of your favorite chick flicks and romance movies and just cry until you feel better. Even if you never felt bad, a good weepy movie can make anyone feel like they can tackle the world again.

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Posted On: February 12, 2008
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