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Your Taste in Men @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Your Taste in Men (Doll Article)

(February 05, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I’m convinced you can tell a lot about a girl by the guys she likes. After a few years, you may start to notice that you are drawn to the same type of guy time after time. Oh, they may look nothing alike, but there is almost always something about them that gives you tingles. Maybe you like the rockers or the shy sensitive type. Maybe you’re drawn to athletes who reek of confidence and success. What ever type you like, see what your guy says about you.

The Comedian

You like the funny guy. You know, the guy who makes the whole class laugh even when he’s on the way to the office for his behavior. Of course you don’t like someone who’s rude or disrespectful, but a guy with a sense of humor is exactly what you need to make you feel alive.

The comedian might be your cosmic match as you are secretly or obviously a comedian yourself. Perhaps you long to be outgoing and funny and admire someone who is. Or you might be a girl who loves a good time and a comedian is the kind of guy who can make you laugh anytime, any place so you simply need him along like a great accessory. If he’s a good looking accessory, so much the better!

Tall, Dark and Handsome

It’s all about looks for you. The dark brooding guy in the corner catches your eye with the flip of his perfectly groomed hair. I mean, the guy looks like a model, so why wouldn’t you look? Not only do you take in his intense gaze, you also scope out what he’s wearing and how he smells to be sure he’s just right for you.

Your friends might call you shallow, but you’re not really. Going for a good looking guy is completely normal. If you’re into high maintenance guys, you’re likely a high maintenance girl so the two of you probably mesh perfectly. If/when you do get together, you’re going to be one terrific looking couple.

The Jock

Jocks usually have a Tall, Dark and Handsome personality as they enjoy their good looks or they like being the center of attention as your own personal Comedian. Regardless of how they act in class, jocks are like machines on the playing field. They give it their all and earn themselves bragging rights at the end of the day. Tough, strong and confident – what is there not to like?

Girls who like jocks come in a couple of packages. You are most likely athletic yourself either playing sports like volleyball or track or you might be in a different kind of athletics such as dance or cheerleading. Fit people tend to stick together not only because you have similar hobbies, but because you simply see each other a lot. Maybe the quarterback dates the cheerleader simply because they are already spending every Friday night together anyway.

The Tortured Soul

The guy in the emo or goth garb sits sullenly on the floor at lunch. He might be an artist or a member of a band, but you can see that something is always on his mind. The tortured soul might be a poet or read novels that are too deep to discuss away from the classroom. He might look the part or just be wallowing in his emotions while dressed in AE. It doesn’t matter how he looks the guy is deep and it shows.

If you like deep guys, you’re likely deep yourself. Nobody who’s just interested in the party this weekend or finding the right outfit is going to listen to a guy discuss his thoughts on war and communism. Your guy might think, act, and dress differently than everyone else, but so do you. It’s just one more reason tortured souls should stick together.

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Canton, NC
Posted On: February 6, 2008
Very good artical!
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