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Is It Cheating? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Is It Cheating? (Doll Article)

(January 24, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Have you ever read your school handbook? I did the other day (still not sure why) and noticed something interesting. If Iím caught cheating, Iíll get a zero and can be expelled or sent to alternative educational facilities. Is it just me or does that seem like a pretty serious consequence to cheating? The zero I understand, but kicked out for jotting some notes on the side of the desk before the test? Is that really even cheating?

Whatís Cheating?

Reading about cheating made me want to research it. If you can be expelled for cheating the same as you would for bringing a weapon to school, cheating must be pretty bad. But what actually constitutes cheating anyway? I guess the cheating that springs to mind is hiding answers to a quiz on your hand, your phone, or the corner of your desk while you are taking it. So rather than learn the material, you are able to get a good grade by ďhelpingĒ yourself along.

Cheating is Against the Rules Ė Right?

So obviously cheating is against the rules. The teacher says no cheating, so you canít cheat. But what if the teacher doesnít mean it? Sometimes I know a teacher is watching someone in the classroom cheat. Iíve seen one just sit there amused while another student snuck out his calculator to check his work on a test.

If cheating is so terrible, shouldnít the teacher have collected the test, calculator and student and whisked them away to the office for swift punishment? That didnít happen. The teacher accepted the paper from the kid and a few days later, the cheater earned his A without the teacher ever saying a thing. So was that cheating?

Is it Cheating?

Here are a few more cheating scenarios to think about:

- You can use a calculator on your final, but not on regular tests in math. If you can use it one the big test, why shouldnít you use a calculator on all tests? Very logical if you ask me, and possibly why I see so many cell phone calculators out secretly the day of the test. I should mention that my phone is not among the others since Iím too chicken (and maybe even too ethical) to even try to cheat a little.

- You make flashcards to help you study for vocabulary. You work hard to memorize the cards, but struggle with a word or two. What happens if you just keep the flashcards by your desk discretely flipping through while taking the quiz? After all, when will you ever have to use memorized words and spelling in real life (besides all the time!)?

- Your teacher lets you make a note card with formulas for this test. You create a wonderful card and then pull it out again for the next test, too. If you made a ďcheat sheetĒ with permission, can you use it on other tests and quizzes, too? Should you just add a few new formulas every time you come across one for the next big test?

- If your friend happens to whisper answers in your direction and you accidentally hear what she is saying, are you cheating? You didnít ask for help, but it was provided. Is having one crazy friend enough to get you kicked out of school? In some areas it may very well be!

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Posted On: January 24, 2008
Cheating? Psh!

Come on, cheating isn't that serious- it could get you kicked out in clubs and activity groups, but I mean, seriously.

The tests we take are sometimes hard. So why not take a break, when we did our homework, get it graded and understand it (even a little).

Let me ask you: In real life, do we often ask ourselves, "What variable in (eg. the ecosystem of the Amazon River) affect (eg. the population of alligators) when it changes or its gone?" Or, "What is the angle of this paper? Is it 90Āč?" We can get through life without this, unless you're super-genious scientist. Which is very unlikely.

So think about it- Cheating is bad, it could get you in trouble, but why are we taking this crappy test in the first place? It makes US cheat, meaning its not our fault, its the test maker's fault.

That is what i think anyways.

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San Jose, CA
Posted On: January 24, 2008
i cheated only once on my scial studies test by hiding the sheet that had answer in my backpack while we had to fill out a whole new one, i put the old paper upside down and each time i neede help i puffed up my backpack and read the amswer!! : evilking:
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Posted On: January 24, 2008
I couldn't cheat. Because I would feel qulity all day, and end up telling my teacher I cheated.

But I KNOW for a fact I wouldn't get expelled, because I'm homeschooled. I really don't think mom would kick me outta the house!

Anyways, cheatings bad .

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United Kingdom
Posted On: January 24, 2008
I Cant Be Bothered To Write A Whole Comments Soo

Good Stuff!

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United Kingdom
Posted On: January 24, 2008
You get suspention in my school if you cheat in big tests like the end of year ones or set tests (set test: tests to say what ability group you should be in). But if it's just like a random class test then you could probebly go with a lunchtime or good telling off. But no one really cheats in my school. Also if you have your phone on you during tests, on or off, you fail. So it's not too bad in my school.

I'm still making my mind up about cheating being bad or not . . . not really. I mean I once - ONCE - copied the boy next to me because I didn't hear the questions because I was almost falling aseep. And I think copying someone is ok if you understand what they are doing to get the answer or whatever. My best friend used to do that in maths and I always explained my answers to make sure she could do it. But then I got put up a set. *hehe*


Rhiannon x
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: January 24, 2008
writing notes on the side of your desk isn't cheating to me. they're notes! if it's on accident then ok whatever. i've cheated before, but i dont make it a habit. that's the key: a cheating habit. the habit is bad but maybe once or twice is normal and human. it's something no one person can resist their entire lives. (kinda like lying, you always tell AT LEAST ONE lie)
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: January 24, 2008
2nd!!! sorry
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Netherlands, The
Posted On: January 24, 2008

I don't think cheating is all that bad. Yes, it is agaisnt the rules, and yes, you probably won't remember the material if you cheat.

But, if you can cheat on every test without ever getting caught, you can be assured that you're smart enough to make it through life.

Or so I think.
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