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Ten Tips to Survive a Night of Babysitting @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Ten Tips to Survive a Night of Babysitting (Doll Article)

(January 22, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Whether you love kids, or you just love the money that comes from watching someone elseís children for a few hours in the evening, babysitting can be a tough job. Children of all ages can be demanding and if youíre not prepared adequately, you can find yourself out of energy long before your charges are ready for bed. Here are ten tips to survive your night of babysitting with grace and style.

1. Wear play clothes. Sneakers and athletic gear are always good choices as its likely youíll be playing outside or at the least chasing a toddler around the kitchen at some point in the evening.

2. Bring treats. Bring along a box of brownie mix and let the children help you create a delicious treat for their parents. The process is organized entertainment that creates a yummy result.

3. Go online. Hop onto the internet to show the children new activities their parents would approve of. Consider dress up games or other activities from kid safe sites like

4. Bring a bag. Bring a bag of coloring books, markers and a board game or two. New toys are thrilling to kids of all ages and quiet toys are thrilling to babysitters of all ages, too.

5. Take a walk. Take the kids outside before bedtime for a walk around the block. Let them explore the sidewalk and see if there is a park nearby. Just be sure to okay your plan with the parents so that they know how to reach you in an emergency.

6. Bring a snack. Even though most parents graciously offer you the contents of their refrigerators, bring a snack in case you donít find something you like. A healthy snack provides energy, and you definitely need that. You might want to be sure you have enough snack to share with everyone.

7. Donít start a game you canít finish. Unless you have the energy for a game of tag that lasts all evening Ė donít start it. There is no such thing as a single round of hide and go seek.

8. Stay near the phone. Parents like to call and check on their children, so be sure you are always near the phone. Consider clipping it to your belt or pocket to have it close at hand.

9. Make it an adventure. For everything the children donít want to do, find a way to make it an adventure.Let them take a bath with the shower curtain drawn to form a secret cave. Have a tooth brushing contest. Be creative and get through the tough stuff faster.

10. Relax and clean up. When you do get the children to bed at last, relax and enjoy your break. Then hop up and pick up any messes left behind to be sure you are invited back for another day.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: January 24, 2008
I have to prove I can get up in the morning do my homework do my music practise and be more responcable before I'm allowed any kind of job.


Rhiannon x
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: January 24, 2008
wow! 2nd again! anywho..... sounds tough but bring it on! i luv a good challenge!

i just get ticked at my lil sis when she dierespects me (like ALL the time.)
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Netherlands, The
Posted On: January 24, 2008
First! Great article.

I've never babysitted before.

I'm not responsible enough. xD
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