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Winter Break Fun @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Winter Break Fun (Doll Article)

(December 22, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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School’s out and you need something to do with all that glorious free time. Catch up on sleep and spend time updating your profiles, then venture away from the computer to have a bit of winter break fun.

Icy Fun

You’re a kid, so act like it! Head out into the cold armed with a sled, skates or just some good, snowball-packing mittens. Built a fort and have an old-fashioned snowball fight. Invite your friends over (or maybe even your crush!) and go sledding. Try a few snow angels, or if you live where there is no snow, find a local ice skating rink and give figure skating (or speed skating or hockey) a try.

Movie Marathon

Leave your PJs on, and hop on the couch with a collection of snacks, a bottle of water and a stack of your favorite DVDs for a movie marathon. Get caught up on every episode of Heroes or watch all of your favorite holiday movies from years ago and today. If you’re sick of sappy holiday movies, break out all three Spiderman movies or pop in all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Movie marathons are fun with a close friend, a boyfriend or just when you feel like hanging out by yourself.


Have the kind of sleep-over you had in elementary school. Invite your friends over to make cupcakes, call boys and gossip about anything and everything. Stay up late doing hair and make-up and then sleep late in the morning. This is a perfect activity to do the day before you start your movie marathon.

Shop ‘til You Drop!

Take that Christmas money and hit the stores. After Christmas you can find great deals on all kinds of things, not just holiday decorations, so see what bargains you can find. Buy tons or get a friend and have a contest. Each of you can spend twenty or thirty dollars and see if you can put together an entire outfit – including shoes and jewelry. Take it up a notch and agree to wear the new outfit out on New Year’s Eve or just to the movies that night.


Spend your break bringing joy to others. Volunteer to help in your local food pantry or soup kitchen. The holidays and cold weather make this season especially miserable for the homeless, so bring a friend and help make someone’s day that much brighter. There are also plenty of elderly individuals suffering alone in nursing homes. Go to a home near you armed with Christmas candy and a sympathetic ear. You’ll not only hear amazing stories from someone who could easily be your own grandparent, but you’ll make her day, and possibly even her whole year, more meaningful.

Turn up the Heat

Help your mom or take control of the holiday baking. Try making bread from scratch and try out some new holiday cake recipes. Make fudge for your neighbors and invite your best friend over to help you create a fabulous Christmas cake. Winter break is the perfect excuse to create all kinds of breads and sweets. You can eat yourself or give them away as gifts to friends and neighbors. Bon Appetite!

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Posted On: December 22, 2007
Great Article.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 22, 2007
Ah; for the first time ever in England, we won't be having a white Christmas. )': And I hate going out - in fact, I think I'd just prefer a movie marathon, although that will be absolutely impossible. I'm never home alone long enough, and I can't do it when my parents are in the house...


I'm having the worst Christmas ever.
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Posted On: December 22, 2007
I love to have sleep overs! It's fun. ^__^ I've never skiied or sledd-ed before. (There's never enough snow here...)

Shopping's ok to. Great artical. ^__^
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Posted On: December 22, 2007
2nd to comment!

I love sleepovers they are so much fun!

I also LOVE shopping and skating, skiing, and sledding with my friends and family!

GREAT article!!! :icon1 4:

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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 22, 2007
First to comment!

Well, sleepovers are well fun XD
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