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  Hot Girl Gadgets (Doll Article)

(December 05, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Have you been dropping hints to your parents and whispering in Santaís ear about the latest electronics youíve just got to have? Who wouldnít want some of the latest girl gadgets this Christmas?

Digital Camera Key chains

Want to take better pictures than the ones your phone is capable of? Afraid youíll lose a digital camera if you did have one? Fear not! There are now digital cameras small enough to fit on your keychain! For example, the Magnavox Keychain Digital Camera can hold up to 81 pictures in its digital memory, can attach to your computer to be used as a web cam and even can be used as a video camera. And best of all Ė youíll never lose it since itís attached to your keys!

Wii and WiiFit

If you donít have one already, there is a whole new reason to convince your parents you need a Nintendo Wii. There is a new program coming out soon called WiiFit. With WiiFit, you can actually do yoga using your Wii. There is a raised surface included with the program that records your balance and actions to help guide your yoga workout through your Wii. How cool is that? And of course when you are done with your yoga, there are more than a few other cool games to play.

Alarm Clocks for Bad Mornings

Hate to wake up? Now there is an alarm clock that can really help. Sure you already have a basic alarm clock. You already hit Snooze more than a few times before you crawl out of bed. But what if your alarm clock starts blaring, hops off the table and runs away before you can hit snooze more than once? Now you have to get up to find your clock and make it shut up. And of course youíre awake, so the worldís most annoying alarm clock has done its job!

The Latest Phone

There are too many cool phones on the market to pick just one or two for this list. Some of the latest and greatest models come in a variety of colors and most flip open in a way much cooler than a basic clamshell. Some swing open, some pop up. Others are static, but have a keyboard rather than number pad.

If youíre hankering for a new phone this Christmas, be sure to think about how youíll use it. Do you need a music phone? Are you into texting? Will your phone just be for emergency phone calls? If you just need a basic model for emergencies, tell your parents youíll take someoneís old phone and encourage them to spend your Christmas money on something you can really use like a new iPod or video camera.


And of course, we all need an iPod. If you canít swing the 30GB version, push for the Nano. Even the Shuffle will probably more than cover your music needs these days. Plus all the iPods have countless accessories including alarm clock players, speakers, cool armbands and more. You can find the iPods in a variety of fun colors and you can even have yours personalized. (Iím leaning toward the red Nano myselfÖ) If you want to really make me jealous, get the iPhone, and combine just about every cool gadget out there. But if you do get one Ė donít tell me, I donít want to know about it.

Have yourself a very techie Christmas this year!

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Posted On: December 5, 2007
My mom says i have to pay fo my own tf am i gonna do that when my allowance is 25 cents/day?
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San Jose, CA
Posted On: December 5, 2007
omg blondie i noe what ur phn is! i wnat a pink chocalate i luv pink its my fav color its hella tight!
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Posted On: December 5, 2007
awesome article i want pretty much evrything on this list! i am sooo out of touch with gadgets i dont even have a cellphone! hey blubbernugget? her phone isnt fake. i know it kinda sounds fake and you guys are just gonna think that im sticking up for her becuase im her friend, but i have seen it and trust me its real. so is she.

oh and beyourself? wat the h*ll is you're problem? you dont even know me! wat did i do to you?
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: December 5, 2007
i want a pink ds light. mostly for jam sessions. or a wii, but i think that's not gonna happen.

i wanted a camers, but my rents say they're too expensive, and don't beleive in ipods. i have a sansa sandisk thing, and i have everything i need in it, even free fm radio. don't get that (or a voice recorder) in an ipod, do you?
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Boca Raton, FL
Posted On: December 5, 2007
luv the article and that WiiFit sounds really coolio yo and also blondie30 or watever ur user name is remeber u asked wat spamming was in 1 of the other articles well thats wat u do u spam by leaving like 30 + comments on one stinkin article ok now u know so STOP ITS ANNOYING and by the way how u described ur fone Blondie it sounds fake and that could lead people to think that ur fake too
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Posted On: December 5, 2007
Nice! I have lyk- a fake Rzr, It's not as thin as a rzr, but its pink, and only a likl bit thicker and everyone thinks its a razr, lol. i love it.

- bLonDie.
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: December 5, 2007
me...i want an ipod and a digital camera for my school trip to D.C. i have an antique film camera right now and a dead cd player that rarely works right. it's horrible. luckily, my dad and i share a phone that works well enough but i still wanna flip fone. preferrably an LG envy. my BFF has one. it's awesome.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 5, 2007
I Wanna Get The WiiFit For My Wii And I Don;t Have An Ipod So Hopefully i Will Get The New One=)

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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 5, 2007
Coolio, first to comment. =]

That WiiFit sounds awesome!

- Nixy
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