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  I am Thankful (Doll Article)

(November 15, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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As Thanksgiving approaches, I think we should all take some time to reflect on the year and remember the things we are thankful for. Big or small, personal or public, everyone has something worth offering up thanks for. Here are a few to get you started.

I’m Thankful for My Family

I may pretend to be angry sometimes or act like I can’t stand them (usually to get my way or make them mad), but really I’m pretty thankful for my family. Family doesn’t have to just mean the people you are related to by blood. There are so many kinds of families these days, even families of friends. So think about who makes up your family and be thankful – you might even let them know how thankful you are for them, but then again, that might be going a bit too far, especially if you have little brothers.

I’m Thankful for My Protection

I’m not going to comment one way or another on various wars, but I will say that I’m glad I’m as protected as I am. I might be annoyed taking off my shoes to get on a plane, but I’m always a little glad everyone else had to, too. Sure typing in my password five times to get into various online accounts is annoying, but those passwords don’t just let me in, they keep others out. And finally, I’m just glad we have highly trained troops when we need them.

I’m Thankful for My Room

I need privacy. Sometimes I just need a place to go that is away from friends and family and be at peace. I love that I can come home and everything is right where I left it. Even if you don’t have your own room, you might feel the same way about your desk or your closet. Maybe even your locker at school is an oasis of calm. Find a place with some peace, it’s worth it – I promise.

I’m Thankful for My Dogs

I love my dogs, and I am so thankful that they love me as much as they do. They don’t mind if I’m a few minutes late or if I don’t dress up for them. They love nothing better than sitting around all day in pajamas and could care less how long I’m online or on the phone so long as they get to sit next to me while I type or talk. How many people can you say that about?

I’m Thankful for My Choices

Finally, I’m thankful for my choices. I know fully well that I don’t always make the right choices (although I’ll usually defend my bad choices purely out of stubbornness), but at least I’m able to make them. I keep hearing stories and reading books and articles about other counties where people don’t have the same freedom and choices that I do.

I might make some pretty bad decisions, but at least they are mine to make. I can’t imagine anything worse than having someone else make my decisions for me. And that doesn’t really include parents deciding what’s for dinner or making me eat the foods I’d rather just leave on the plate. I’m talking about the big stuff like going to school, what kinds of clothes I’m allowed to wear, the religion I’m allowed to practice and even the things I’m allowed to say. So while I’m grateful for my choices, I want to find ways to help those who are still struggling to be able to make their own.

What are you thankful for?

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Posted On: November 15, 2007
I'm thankful Jesus died on the cross to save us. (I'm a chrstain.) And everything else He has given me.

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Posted On: November 15, 2007
I'm thankful for all everything God give me! my family,friends,pets,palace to called home,and everything else!

Thanksgiving is the time be with your family and friends and be thankful!
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Virginia Beach, VA
Posted On: November 15, 2007
I'm thankful for all my friends through thick and thin, they helped me through one of the hardest parts of my life, woudn't ever change anything about them and couldn't if I tried. XD

And my music, thank the Lord for my music and my family. XD
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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 15, 2007
i'm beginning to think american thanksgiving is like an english harvest.

All i can say is i'm thankful my plane didn't crash on the way over to america [i'm always thankful for that]

and thankful that i have such wonderful friends back in england who support me in everything i do =]

And thats about it....

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Posted On: November 15, 2007
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Boca Raton, FL
Posted On: November 15, 2007
the thing i am thankful for most is my mom she has helped me through all the crop that my croppy father has put me through and all of my bffs miranda, issie, syl syl, brookey, and kaylee she has grown so apart from me but everytime i fly to maryland she is there offering her house for me to stay in and have a good time with
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: November 15, 2007
oaky so anywho.... I'm thankful for the chance to help the kids in africa. we just sent out our xmas boxes and we're working on thanksgiving baskets for homeless people. there are 79 families i think they said. this summer i go on a mission trip w/ my youth to fix houses. I did a melting pot for needy people and visited and cleaned the rooms of the elderly in a downtown center. so yeah...i'm just thankful that gives me and others a chance to help those in need.
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: November 15, 2007
2nd. that works.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 15, 2007
Hey! First To Comment! I Am Not American, So I Don't Know This Sorta Stuff, But Cool!! X-Mas Soon! Woo

I Turned 19 on 14th F.Y.I

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