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Wanna Work with Animals? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Wanna Work with Animals? (Doll Article)

(November 07, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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We love animals, and for some reason, when we think of future animal careers, the only ones that pop into our minds are vets and zookeepers. These are both excellent ways to work with animals, but if you are looking for an animal career, keep your mind option to other possibilities as well. Wanna work with animals? Consider these jobs:

Veterinarian and Vet Assistance

The vet is the most well known animal job. A veterinarian is an animal doctor who can specialize in household animals, large animals or farm animals. Sometimes, they do all kinds of animals, but they usually specialize. The vet is responsible for keeping animals current with shots, and doing physical exams to be sure animals are healthy. If an animal is sick, the vet must figure out what is wrong and then prescribe the right treatment or perform surgery. Almost every vet also is responsible for euthanasia or the most humane method of putting animals to sleep when they are beyond recovery.

If you like the idea of a vet, but lack the grades to beat out two-thirds of the total applicants each year or have the patience for seven to ten years of school, consider becoming an assistant to a vet. The programs often take only two years, are well paid and in great demand. Vet technologists are just one of the fields of vet assistance, but these positions are increasing as even the vetís office goes high tech.


A zoologist is an animal scientist, not really a zookeeper. Zoologists, along with wildlife biologists, study animals to determine their origins, behavior, diseases and life processes. They might study live animals or perform autopsies on deceased animals. A zoologist must have at least a Masters degree, if not a PhD in the field to be considered an expert. That means six to ten years of school just to become qualified.

Animal Caretakers

Some animal jobs simply offer companionship and care to animals. Animal caretakers work at the zoo or animal parks. A zoo keeper is usually responsible for only a few animals at a time, such as the elephants or big cats at a park. She would monitor, feed, and take care of her animals every day, often working in shifts with others. She would also have the opportunity to help raise the babies born in captivity.

Pet Groomers

Groomers fall into the same category. Groomers can work at doggie spas or at the vetís office to keep pets washed, trimmed and even paint a few toe nails. Groomers can have a lot of fun on the job Ė especially if they like dressing up animals. If you love horses, a groom position at a local stable can offer you the opportunity to care for your favorite animal every day. This position is usually trained at the place of employment and is perfect for high school students.

Rancher or Farmer

A small ranch or farm can be surprising satisfying to those who enjoy animals as well as open spaces. The main drawback of most farms and ranches is the livestock is raised for slaughter, but that is not always the case. Free range animals such as dairy cows and chickens (for their milk and eggs) are all the rage, and horses are always fun. You can even raise specialty animals for petting zoos or their wool.

Forester or Game Warden

If you have a passion for wildlife, consider becoming a forester or even a game warden. You can work in some of the most beautiful areas of the world and build a relationship with local wildlife. You can also keep an eye on those who would come to damage the natural wildlife, and if youíre a game warden, you can even arrest them if they try to break the law! Foresters are also usually involved in conservation efforts of wildlife.

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Posted On: November 8, 2007
i love animals!!! i have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and my mom has 3 horses! i want to be a zookeeper or something like that, i think that would be a fun job!
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Clodine, TX
Posted On: November 8, 2007
I love animals, but I work with children, and that's just as rewarding. If I ever needed to find a new job though, I might consider some of these options. Good Article!
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Lawton, OK
Posted On: November 8, 2007
I love animimals and i have dwarf hamsters and a cat and a Hen. If i could i would have a White Tiger that would be nice. I use to have a bobcat he was so sweet gave people hugs
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Plymouth, MI
Posted On: November 7, 2007
I love animals, but wouldn't be interested in a career revolved around them
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