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The Worst Foods @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Worst Foods (Doll Article)

(November 02, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Itís a shame. The absolute most delicious foods are often the ones that are the worst for our health Iíll admit that some of my favorites are on the list, but that hasnít stopped me from eating them from time to time. The trick is to eliminate these from your diet completely, or at the very least limit these to a special treat from time to time.


Soda is a glorified liquid candy. A single can has 10 teaspoons of sugar, 150 calories, 30 to 55 mg of caffeine, artificial food colors and sulphites. Donít think you can get away with drinking a diet soda instead. Those have artificial sweeteners which have been shown to cause all kinds of problems in tests.

Soda was once created as a treat. It was served in an eight ounce glass or bottle. But now we drink more soda on a daily basis than most of us do water. A small soda is at least sixteen ounces, and a forty-four ounce drink is essentially six of the eight glasses of water we should be drinking every day. Only itís not water. Itís super caffeinated, colored sugar water.


This is hard for me to write, but donuts are one of the worst foods out there. They are made from white flour, sugar and then fried in oil full of unhealthy trans fat. To make them especially unhealthy, we usually dowse them in sugar or dip them in chocolate. There is nothing good about a donut except their delicious taste, but in the interest of my health, Iíll have to give them up. I canít write about it any more, Iíll cryÖ

French Fries and Chips

Two more staples of the teen diet go down in flames. Potato chips and French fries have no nutritional value Ė excluding baked potato wedges that still have a bit of meat in the middle. Not only are they fatty, foods fried at such a high level of heat actually contain a proven cancer causing agent - acrylamide.

So a batch of French fries may be delicious or seem like a fun snack, but really, youíre clogging your arteries and possibly even contributing to the likelihood youíll be diagnosed with cancer down the road. Tough, but true.

Processed Meats

Hot dogs, pepperoni, sausage, and lunch meats all contain sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is another cancer causing agent. There have actually been studies done that show individuals who ate a lot of processed meats have a significantly higher risk (read 67%) of getting pancreatic cancer than those that ate only a little bit or no processed meats.

Coffee Cakes and Cake Mixes

Almost any cake mix or premade cake has loads of chemicals like trans fat and preservatives. This includes boxes of cakes, brownies, pound cakes, coffee cakes, snack cakes, biscuits, and anything else of the nature. The best way to protect yourself from these unhealthy options is to buy baked goods from a bakery that works from scratch or simply make the item yourself from scratch. That way you wonít need preservatives or chemicals Ė just flour, sugar, and such.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 2, 2007
I LOVE doughnuts. Or as you Americans spell it, 'Donuts.'

I hate, hate, HATE any type of soda. Especailly Coke. Ew...

And chips, or 'fries' as you call them in America, are gorgeous. Why are all the nice foods so sinful?



What is this world coming to?
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: November 2, 2007
i'm starting swim team soon, so i have to eat healthier, but still get a very umm.... large amount of calories

(good ones) so i don't die during practice every day. this won't be too hard as all i really eat from that list is donuts.
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Posted On: November 2, 2007
I don't drink a lot of soda. I can't have Caff. cuz it makes me sick. But I LOVE doughnuts!

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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 2, 2007
Well aren't I greedy lumocks then! I eat all of those excpet soda (which you actually drink, not eat). I'm going on a diet anyway
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