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Are You a Scaredy-Cat? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Are You a Scaredy-Cat? (Doll Article)

(October 30, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Admit it, youíre scared of something. Maybe you fear your next report card, or maybe you only freak in the middle of the night when the floors creaks. But some of us are just more scared than others. To use a phrase from elementary school, are you a scaredy-cat?

1. Youíre sitting at a movie with friends, including your crush. You hear the scary music start to play and KNOW something is about to jump out on screen. YouÖ
a. Hide your eyes and just hope you donít wet your pants this time. This stuff always freaks you out.
b. Hide your eyes on your crushís shoulder. Itís more flirty than frightened, but it does keep you from jumping like a goofball.
c. Sigh. The movie will have to do more than this to freak you out.

2. Your friends want to go to one of the haunted houses or fields in your area. YouÖ
a. Refuse. No sense in having nightmares for the next month.
b. Agree. It was your idea after all. This stuff is kind of freaky, but fun!
c. Agree, but only because you want to comment on how lame everything is.

3. The image that freaks you out the most isÖ
a. Anything with blood.
b. The weird girl climbing out of the TV in The Ring or the girlís head spinning in The Exorcist.
c. The ending of Blair Witch Project, but only until you found out it wasnít real. Then it was as boring as everything else.

4. You watch a horror movie like Saw or The Haunting of Emily Rose, and then youÖ

a. Feel relieved you didnít actually watch it. You snuck out in the first five minutes because you canít handle movies like that.
b. Watch a comedy to try and erase the scenes from your head before you go to bed to help avoid nightmares or having to think about those images.
c. Get online to see if that kind of stuff really happens. It would be cool if it were real.

If you answered:

Mostly Aís, youíre a scaredy-cat alright! But thatís okay, you probably skip most of the movies that keep the rest of us slightly deranged this time of year. If scary movies freak you out, stand your ground and make everyone see the comedy or chick flick. No sense in making yourself sick just to keep everyone else happy.

Mostly Bís, youíre just scared enough to make scary movies fun! You jump at the right parts and get a little tingle when you walk into a dark room, but know that itís all in good fun Ė at least you hope it is.

Mostly Cís, youíre a pain. Canít you just act like youíre scared so that you donít annoy the rest of us? Sure, you might be tough and nothing can phase you,but isnít that kind of boring? Itís better, at least according to those of us with overzealous imaginations, to let yourself freak out from time to time. It keeps the blood moving and gives you an excuse to snuggle up to the closeset hot guy in the movie theater!

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Posted On: November 2, 2007
All of mine is B!
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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 2, 2007
Mostly B's for me, but I didn't answer question 3. I can't stand decaying maggot eaten faces (zombies!!!!!) so there was no option for me there. Anyway, cool

xX Coco Loco Xx
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Canton, NC
Posted On: November 1, 2007
B for me, I don't get too scared too easly.
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: November 1, 2007
all c's. i laughed during the ring. i wasn't surprised.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 1, 2007
I got all bs but the last one was c *hehe*

Rhiannon xx
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Posted On: October 31, 2007
Most Bs, one A and one C
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Posted On: October 31, 2007
i got all b's and one c
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Posted On: October 31, 2007
B's for me!
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: October 31, 2007
2 A's. however, it's not exactly blood, it's just stuff that looks horrid and weird, like beheadongs and that one movie where the girl gets a hole in her stomach. I'm not scared by stuff jumping out at me. I mean HELLO i went ot the haunted barn and corn maize and only got pi**ed off cuz the guys wouldn't stop humpin me. (psst: they're not supposed to be allowed to.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 31, 2007
Mostly A's! That is so true...Meow...
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 31, 2007
Three B's, one A.

Haha. I barely watch scary movies and go to haunted houses, but if I do, I'm not really phased by them. Yeah, I'll scream, but i think it's more for fun that to make yourself wet your pants.


Happy Halloween!

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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 31, 2007
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Gurnee, IL
Posted On: October 31, 2007
I got mostly B, lol. Is that one doll with the ax supposed to be Lizzie Borden? Coolest story ever!
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Posted On: October 30, 2007
Mostly Bís
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Posted On: October 30, 2007
Woa, i got just about all A's. I guess that means that I'm a scaredy-cat. Oh well, better safe than sorry! I think that I will give a second thought to those comedies and chick flicks the next time Breanna tries to make me watch another horror movie!

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