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The Real Blades of Glory @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Real Blades of Glory (Doll Article)

(October 29, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There are many sports that are done on ice - ice hockey, ice dancing, speed skating and then, my favorite, figure skating. I absolutely love Ice Princess, even if it is cheesy. I just like the idea that a normal girl can strap on some ice skates and become an amazing jumper, spinner and skater in a few months. I like almost any skating movie, really.

When I happen to catch an ice skating competition on television, I canít help but stop flipping the channels and watch. Those girls (and guys) are so graceful, yet they have to be so strong to do all of the tricks that they do. I know boys ice skate, but I prefer watching the girls. Sorry guys!

Ice Skating Basics

Technically, ice skating is called figure skating. Itís a serious sport that has competitions at all levels, including the Olympics. Of course there are only so many competitions, so many of the professional skaters also perform in exhibitions throughout the year. Figure skating has many different categories within it.

Single skating Ė These are the girls (and guys) I like so much. The skater is alone on the ice and does a number of required spins, jumps and footwork. Usually there are two programs in competitions. They do one that is short and full of required moves, and then a longer one that is more creative.

Pair skating Ė I like pair skating, too. This is the boy and girl skating that has so many neat lifts and spins. It is a lot like the single skating with requirements and different programs. Of course for both single and pair skating, there can be different requirements at every competition.

Ice dancing - I have never really gotten into ice dancing, but maybe when they do ďIce Dancing with the StarsĒ Iíll be more enthused. Basically ice dancing is exactly that Ė dancing on skates. There is a lot of footwork and some low lifts. Itís very graceful and elegant. Itís pretty, but just not as high energy and athletic looking as the other forms of skating.

Synchronized skating - Iíll admit Iíve never actually seen it, but synchronized skating is apparently pretty popular. Wait! I have seen it in shows where there are large groups of skaters doing the same moves at the same time. It can be pretty impressive, Iíll admit.

Adagio skating Ė Adagio skating is a lot like pair skating on overdrive. Itís got plenty of exciting lifts and spins, but is mainly for show, not competition. Adagio skating leaves out a lot of the required elements for traditional pair skating, and is seen most often at shows and exhibits.

Acrobatic skating Ė This is Extreme Skating. If figure skating was in the X Games, this would be it. Acrobatic skating combines circus tricks, gymnastics, and of course skating. Itís powerful to watch, and you see it in shows, not competitions.

My Skating Career

Iíd love to say that I am training to be a professional figure skater some day, but Iím not. In fact, I can barely stay upright when I wear skates. I guess Iím just not a born skater, but I am definitely a born skate fan!

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Posted On: October 29, 2007
I love to iceskate! i have been skating for about 7 years now and i can do all of the double jumps except the double axel
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 29, 2007

The movie was hilarious.

I love Jon Heder. He's funny.

And I think the funniest part was when they set the mascot on fire.


Pure stupidity, but totally funny.

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Boca Raton, FL
Posted On: October 29, 2007
i didnt really like the movie cause i just didnt find it that funny but i do lush to skate but im a little scared to cause last time i went some random guy ran me over and almost cut off my hand and then some perv kid kept slapping random girls bottoms (wont let me use the words i want)
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: October 29, 2007
compitions, not pompitions. sorry.
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: October 29, 2007
i love ice skating! i wanted to do it in pompitions for awhile, but my mother says i'm to tall for my age divsion, and that would cause porblems. i dunno. =[
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Posted On: October 29, 2007
I like to Ice skate! It's fun, even though I've only done it once...

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