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Making Halloween Plans @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Making Halloween Plans (Doll Article)

(October 22, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I seem to have a different plan for Halloween every year. Iíve done everything from trick-or-treating to parties to sleep-overs. Iíve even been bad and pulled a few pranks. But Iím not sure yet what Iíll be doing this year. Here are some things Iím considering:

The Basics

The standard is always available. I can throw on a costume (not sure what it will be this year, either), grab a sibling or friend and hit the streets. My neighborhood is pretty good at tolerating older trick-or-treaters, but I think itís probably time to move on from this and leave it to the little kids. I might still have to take a sibling, but Iíll just steal some of that candy. After all, they have to pay for my chaperone services.

The Party

Iím sure at least one of my friends will be throwing some sort of Halloween party. I guess I could throw one, too. But most parties are on the weekends. Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, so that still leaves the actual day free. Halloween parties are fun and donít have to be too elaborate. The best one I ever went to was thrown together at the last minute. We had pizza and drinks, wore costumes and acted like idiots all night eating (and throwing) those little candy corns.

The Date

There is a possibility I might have a date on Halloween. Iíve never had a Halloween date, but I think it would be fun to dress up and go someplace unusual like a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or maybe just a regular scary movie will do since everything is scarier on Halloween.

The Haunted House

There are a few haunted houses in my area. They are actually pretty scary, or they were a few years ago. I might go check them out and see if they are different from last yearís set up. Of course Iíll drag a few friends with me. I like to be scared, but my friends arenít always up for the challenge

The Theme Park

I have a Halloween dream of going to a theme park, like Universal Orlando, where they do a huge Halloween theme. Universal has some seriously spooky looking haunted houses and shows, but itís not in the budget this year. I will make it one of these days, you can count on that.

The Mall

The mall is a definite possibility. A lot of the stores give free candy to kids in the mall who want to avoid the streets and houses of strangers. What better way to shop? Grab some candy and browse the wares.

Whatever I decide, rest assured that I will be celebrating Halloween this year. Even if I just throw on some comfy Halloween pajama pants and pass out candy during breaks from the computer (and TheDollPalace, of course!), I would never let one of my favorite holidays go by without proper recognition and celebration. Besides, I really do have a thing for those little candy cornsÖ

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Posted On: October 23, 2007
FREE CANDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 23, 2007
I agree with Kayley. I don't think anyone is too old to go trick-or-treating. Then again, I only do it for the sweets...


Great article.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 23, 2007
Your Never Old For Trick Or Treating!

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Alta Loma, CA
Posted On: October 22, 2007
shoot. im 17 and im going trick or treating until i cant pass for a freshman anymore. free candy? rock on!
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