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What Kind of Friend are You? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  What Kind of Friend are You? (Doll Article)

(October 12, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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What kind of friend are you? Take this quiz to find out!

1. When youíre on the phone with a cute boy and you see a friend on caller id, you
a. Ignore it. She can deal, and heís HOT.
b. Put the guy on hold for a minute and click over to tell her youíll call back.
c. Tell the boy you have to go and immediately click over. After all, boys come and go, but your friend must need you.

2. Youíre at the mall with a couple of friends helping one find a date outfit. Your BFF from elementary school walks by. You donít really hang out anymore, so you
a. Pretend you donít see her. Gosh, she really is a dork these days.
b. Smile and wave, but keep on going. Youíll send her an email later to catch up.
c. Tell your friends youíll see them later and rush over. You havenít talked to your old friend in forever, so why wait another minute?

3. Your BFF calls you in tears because of a boy you told her was trouble. You
a. Sigh and tell her you knew this was going to happen.
b. Listen and make comforting comments hoping that sheíll learn from this experience and maybe listen to you next time,
c. Cry with her and quit talking to boys for a few days out of sympathy.

4. You get a text message from a not-so-close friend in your crowd asking to borrow your favorite shirt.
a. Ignore it. Obviously youíre already wearing it and it wouldnít look right on her anyway.
b. Reply with a white lie. You donít want to hurt her feelings and it really could be in the wash.
c. Grab it and check to see if you need to iron it for her. You know sheíll look great in it and you have other things to wear.

5. Youíre spending the night with a bunch of friends and one tells you about her crush, who happens to be your crush, too. You
a. Tell her in no uncertain terms to keep her eyes and paws off of him. Heís yours.
b. Be upfront and tell her you also think heís cute and that perhaps the two of you should just see what happens on his end.
c. Tell the friend heís all hers and you only liked him last week for about five seconds. No sense in making things uncomfortable.

So what kind of friend are you?

Mostly As

You have a bit of work to do in the friends department. At this point life is all about you all the time. Remember that your friends can help you out and make life a lot more enjoyable, so donít alienate them. Work at being friendly and more open to others and youíll find yourself surrounded by friends and people that care about you.

Mostly Bs

Youíre pretty balanced in the friendship department. Youíre looking out for number one, but donít want to hurt any friends along the way. You like to play fair and try hard not to step on anyone else or let yourself be stepped on by others. Just be sure you let loose every now and again and live it up with friends. You donít have to be perfect all of the time.

Mostly Cs

Youíre all about your friends. While most friends would appreciate how laidback and helpful you are, others would love to take advantage of you and abuse your friendship. Be sure to stand up for yourself when you need to. Friends are great, but they shouldnít be running your life.

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Posted On: October 13, 2007
mostly b's
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Harleysville, PA
Posted On: October 13, 2007
stupid typo

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Harleysville, PA
Posted On: October 13, 2007

some of the questions need better answers.


my bff and I really did have a crush on the same guy.

so we delt with it for a while and then I started to lose interest in him.

and as I did I saw that they were the cutest couple ever.

the are now bf/gf.

but I see why you wouldn't put something like that.

life story on 3x5 card and what not.


it still rocks though
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Lake Elsinore, CA
Posted On: October 13, 2007
Two B's and three C's, didnt think I'd be that good. I guess I dont like to lose friends over silly things, mostly cause I learned the hard way, very uncomfortable the first few days. But pretty soon my friend and I made up and now we're not completely true to each other but we're really good friends.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 13, 2007
I got mostly B's.

I'm a pretty rad friend most of the times.


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United States Minor Outlying Islands
Posted On: October 13, 2007
I got mostly B's
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Posted On: October 13, 2007
I got mostly B's. A few c's, but more b's.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 13, 2007
I got mostly C's!!
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Posted On: October 13, 2007
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Boca Raton, FL
Posted On: October 13, 2007
i got all b's i rock i only did got that because i actually told the truth when i was takin this little test

great article i luved it
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 13, 2007
I Love This Arti!

I Got Mostly C's Yay Me! I Started Off With 2 B's Then I Did All C's

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