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Is J-Lo Pregnant? and Britney’s Excuse @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Is J-Lo Pregnant? and Britney’s Excuse (Doll Article)

(September 20, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant?

Celebrities always have us guessing, and J-Lo is one of the best for keeping secrets. Is she marrying P-Diddy? Nope. Marrying Ben? Nope. Then she went and married Marc Anthony. Didn’t see that one coming! I’ll admit they are cute together. J-Lo hasn’t been in the spotlight as much these days, and she seems to thrive on not being on the cover of every major tabloid.

Her relationship with Marc must be getting stronger every day because she recently told a magazine in Britain, “I can't wait to have a baby. I'm ready and so is Marc.” She went on to tell the interviewer that they are “waiting for it to happen,” but it apparently hadn’t happened yet.

Well, things seem to change quickly. During New York’s Fashion Week, Jennifer was caught sporting what looks to be a baby bump. She was photographed wearing a loose green dress, but as she walked, the dress molded to her stomach and it was not as flat as it usually is.

No official announcements have been made, but the media is starting to sniff around. I could be proper and say that her potential pregnancy is her business. But we all know that any child of Jenny’s is a child we want to know about. And that will be one beautiful baby.

Britney’s Excuse

Poor Britney. Just when things looked like they might be coming together again for the pop star, they piddled out. Britney Spears released her new single with a warm welcome and everyone looked forward to seeing her on stage at the MTV music awards. This was going to be her big debut back into the music scene. Only it wasn’t.

She came out about as excited as mud. Britney usually puts on a great show, but this time she was missing her snap and enthusiasm. It put “going through the motions” into a whole new perspective. Everyone wondered what in the world was going on. This wasn’t the Britney we knew and loved.

Now a celebrity gossip columnist says he has the answers. Apparently there was quite a to-do backstage that resulted in the performance we all saw. According to Perez Hilton (not to be confused with Paris Hilton) and the Sun in England, here is what happened:

1. Britney was very nervous because she felt she hadn’t rehearsed enough and was afraid she was going to ruin her performance and her career.
2. While she fretted, her stylist worked on her hair.
3. When Britney got a look at her finished ‘do. She hated it.
4. So she freaked.
5. Britney when into a full-blown panic and started lashing out at everyone around her, but especially the stylist.
6. To calm herself, she took a few anti-depressants that had been prescribed to her by a doctor.
7. She apparently “took enough to floor an elephant,” so she was definitely calm, but perhaps too calm.
8. I think we all got to experience the result.

Hopefully this is just one more bump in the road for Britney before the pieces fall back together. The girl’s had a rough road and deserves a little happiness.


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Erwin, TN
Posted On: September 21, 2007
Brittney doesn't deserve to be there anymore. they shout have trashed her career a long time ago, but instead all they do is give her hands a little slap each time and say, "okay Brittney. you will have unlimited warnings but we're never going to fire you or anything like that." those *****es need to bet their act together as much as she needs to do hers.
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San Jose, CA
Posted On: September 21, 2007
o and according 2 ppl magazine brittney had been partying that night b4 the vmas till 6am with Paris and diddy. so she was reall y tired and prbly drunk!
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San Jose, CA
Posted On: September 21, 2007
omg i never liked jennifer lopez i hate it when ppl call her j.lo anyways when i was little i loved brittany but ever since she made that cd that has that stupid song im a slave 4 u i stopped liking her. ppl keep sayin if she loses her kids shell hit rock bottom. i think thats what she needs because its true how they say once you reach the top u have nowhere to fall but down and thats what happend to her. i think kfed would be a better parent from her.
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Posted On: September 21, 2007
I never liked Brittany. She has always been a crazy, trashy person. J-Lo on the other hand, is AMAZING. She is beautiful, extremely talented, and is a nice person.
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Paramount, CA
Posted On: September 20, 2007
i used to like britney wen i was little she was my idol but her first marrige i stop liking her
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United Kingdom
Posted On: September 20, 2007
Brittany Spears is a fu*king b*tch
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Mission Viejo, CA
Posted On: September 20, 2007
i don't want Brittany back. she made bad decisions and is a bad example.
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