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  Make New Friends (Doll Article)

(August 29, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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The start of the school year usually means the start of many things, including friendships. Over the summer you might have made a few new friends at camp or a summer job, but nothing beats the school year for closeness. Youíre going to be with the rest of your classmates for the next nine months. You might as well play nice.

Hopefully you kept in touch with your school friends from last year. It can be hard over the summer, especially if everyone is traveling, working or doesnít have a way to get together and visit. Now though, youíre back together. Donít let those old friends stand in the way of making new ones. You never know, this might be the year you make the best friend youíll keep around the rest of your life.

If youíre setting out to make new friends this year, there are a few things to consider:

Your Attitude

The most important thing when trying to make new friends is your overall attitude. Nobody wants to hang out with someone who is grouchy or negative all the time. Be upbeat and positive. Smile and be friendly. If you make people feel comfortable around you, youíll be well on your way to finding a new BFF.

Your Friendsí Attitude

If youíre lucky enough to have a close crowd already, donít let that keep you from hanging out with new people. Unfortunately, even the closest friends grow apart sometimes. If your current friends are catty and rude to your newer friends, it might be time for you to do some growing of your own.

Your life will always be full of new people. You donít have to ditch your old friends to let new friends in your circle. If you realize that your current friends are standing in the way of getting to know other interesting people, take a step back and think about why that is. Are they jealous of losing your attention? Are they just plain rude? Are they really the kind of friends you want to have? Hopefully there is a simple answer and your circle of friends can keep on expanding.


To really become close friends, you need to connect. We all have plenty of people we are friendly with, but they are not the same kind of friend youíd take home and tell your secrets to. To make that close connection, you have to share. Itís always nice to have a common interest or hobby. That can be the start of a good conversation and help you get to know someone Ė that is unless a guy is your common interest.

But once you are starting to hang out together, open up. Talk about who you really are and your deeper thoughts and dreams. Hopefully your new friend will feel comfortable talking about her own innermost thoughts and soon youíll be closer than ever. Just remember to keep her secrets secret Ė it would be terrible to make a new friend only to completely betray her trust and lose your friendly reputation.

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Erwin, TN
Posted On: August 29, 2007
i've got plenty of friends. some of my friends are just now starting to get along and i made three new best friends at the same summer play. We did Annie. it was Duffy, Grace, Ms. Hannigan, and Drake[me]. my boyfriend is awesome too.
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Willowick, OH
Posted On: August 29, 2007
Im a muskatwit in my 4th grade class!(Im only 9 in real life!)

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Posted On: August 29, 2007

I personally don't have ahuge circle of friends, and I like it that way. I'm a loner, anyways.
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Posted On: August 29, 2007
I must admit that I'm terrible at making friends.

But I luffle the ones I got.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 29, 2007
Oh. And third to comment [because I rock!]
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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 29, 2007


I have my own on here. Who needs 'em in real life?


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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 29, 2007
Woot, First To Comment!

Cool Article

- Nixy
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