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  A Great Korean Game (Doll Article)

(August 04, 2007 by xJESSiCA Send DollMail Send Email Visit Website )
I was introduced to a great game at a summer camp I recently attended. Read to learn more.
I was introduced to a great game at a summer camp I recently attended. It was called Gonggi, and it was loads of fun. You had five glittery stones that you would roll on a flat surface. There were five rounds; the first round, you would pick one up to start, making sure not to move any other pebbles, and you would throw it in the air. As it was in the air, you would pick one other pebble up, and catch the one you threw as it comes down, leaving you with two in your hand and three on the ground. Now, you throw one up in the air again, keeping the other in your hand, and pick one more up, until you have picked them all up. But you cannot move any other rocks. For the second round, you roll the pebbles and again pick one up to start. You throw it, and this time you pick two off the ground. Once you have all in your hand, you are ready for the third round.

The third round is much trickier. You roll the pebbles and pick up one pebble. Like usual, you throw that one pebble in the air, and this time you pick three other pebbles up. If you can get that, you pick the last one up the way you did in the first round-throwing one and picking up the last.

The fourth round took me a long time to get. You keep all five pebbles in your hand. Don't roll them. Then, you throw one of your pebbles in the air and put the other four on the ground, catching the fifth one as it comes down. Then, you throw that one pebble in the air and catch the four that are now on the ground. Now you have completed the fourth round.

The fifth and final round is pretty easy. What you do is throw all five pebbles in the ground and stick out your hand, palm down. If you catch any of the pebbles on the top of your hand (keep your fingers together), you throw them in the air by jerking your hand upwards, and catch them. If you cannot catch all of them, you need to redo the fifth round.

Now, when you are playing with more than one person, you go in a circle. If you cannot catch the pebbles or complete the level, you give it to the next person and you start off at the level you left off at on your next turn.

But one rule you NEED TO KNOW: you can only use one hand to catch/pick up, the pebbles. Your other hand is best off tucked behind your back, because it's best to sit cross-legged.

This game is addicting. I love it! As one last thing, if you know where to get the gonggi game online, I would love you to death.

If you cannot find the right pebbles, you can just use small, flat, and circular rocks, even though they are a bit heavier than the actual gonggi pebbles.

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Ellisville, MS
Posted On: January 5, 2009
that's sounds like a lot of fun
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New Orleans, LA
Posted On: November 29, 2008
Hmmm, It seems boring.
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Colorado Springs, CO
Posted On: August 6, 2007
As an addition:

I found some of the gonggi stones on ebay, and I believe there is one more box of 15 left.
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